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Please tell us.... Opera auto-login password Backup.


    This is Backup...???
    Please tell us...

  • What do you want to do? Backup your passwords to a file?

  • my pc os 2.
    /dev/sda2 is linux
    c: windows 8.1. (or other pc opera)

    i want passwords file copy or backup & restore.

    but not found password file.

  • yes. i want backup my passwords file.
    But do not know where the password files

  • Backup and restore are easy, but not copying to another device. The Windows version encrypts passwords to your user account, and therefore the file is not usable on any other computer - or by any other user on the same computer. While I don't know how it is handled on Linux, the odds of it being the same as on your Windows system are so small as to be negligible. (Since I don't know what they do on Linux I can't rule out transferring from one Linux system to another, but any transfer where at least one system is Windows will never work.)

    You can find out where your profile is from About Opera; the passwords are stored in a file named "Login Data". You can easily backup and restore (on the same system) that file - that is really what "restore" means, put it back where it originally came from. If you have 2 versions of Opera (say, Stable and Next) on the same system under the same user account, you can even transfer files between them. But not Linux to Windows.

  • Thanks, very Tahanks. I understood.
    But,I Sad is not shared with other user accounts name. (Other user names accounts in Linux to Linux)
    Okay, Have a nice day.