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Any special Mac-only things missing in Opera?

  • @Avneto: the "Command+Shift+Enter" is the default keybinding to open link in background on Mac.

  • @l33t4opera not in Opera 20, unfortunately!

  • @Avneto: just cmd + click any link.

  • @darklink88

    cmd+click is not working 20.0.1387.64!
    It's driving me nutz!!

  • All commands should be accessible through the main menus so that keyboard shortcuts can be assigned and changed using the System Preferences. Clone tab and Copy address are among commands missing and only available via right click.

  • "cmd+click is not working 20.0.1387.64! It's driving me nutz!!"
    Same think here

  • Trying to return on Topic πŸ˜›
    What about iCloud bookmarks? I know bookmark are a "special" topic since the release of Opera 15, but I was wondering...does Apple provide iCloud bookmarks sync API?

  • I thought this was an Opera for Mac feature request topic, Where every (Opera) Mac user inundates this thread with huge lists of feature requests ?. But no, we get someone thread-jacking wanting help with their Mac, when there are specific area's on this forum for help request such as this. Well, I guess it's one way to get peoples attention.

  • No bookmarks

    I cannot save links as bookmarks. I have no star on the right of the address field, and no option "Add to bookmarks" except by adding them to the bookmarks bar. I cannot classify them except as working blind. I have no cloud on the left bottom of the browser. I have no access to my Bookmark page. Your software is a nightmare with a huge cloud hiding my bookmarks and no way to review and order them.
    The only and very heavy way to keep them is to add them to Speed Dial as a very large icon. To do so I right click on the name of the page above the address field. But I cannot imagine my numerous bookmarks from Firefox filling one only page with large icons, even in 9 columns.
    I just want my bookmarks as text, ordered in chapters and sub-chapters. I have too many bookmarks and I work with them since too many years to keep them with anything else then text.
    I go back to Firefox, with my computer as well as my Android phone.
    Anyway I am never proposed to import my bookmarks and I cannot lost them.

    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_8 32-bit)

  • @darklink88

    I'm no expert, but AFAIK iCloud anything is only available if the application is published via the Mac App Store, so builds downloaded elsewhere couldn't use iCloud. If it were possible to do iCloud bookmarks I'm not saying we would or wouldn't do it, either. πŸ™‚

    But, personally, speaking with my Non-Opera-Employee hat on I don't like iCloud for a lot of reasons, and this one is one of them. I use it for the bare minimum, myself.

  • I understand that bookmarks are gone past release 12. This seems to be established fact and not worthy of discussion, probably because this has been known for some time.

    So, please bring back bookmarks!

  • Does Opera use App Nap?

  • yes

  • Bookmarks manager will be back at some stage, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

  • Option to always open in private mode in operas setting/options.

  • The configuration can be more overviewed ,and I want bookmarks back, and last question: Does Opera use App Nap? or when?

    [Mod: Removed spam link.]

  • Does Opera use App Nap?

    Yes. You can see that in Activity Monitor. Apps are set to β€˜napping’ after some time of inactivity.

  • +1 for Notification Centre support.

    Not sure whether it counts as a mac only-thing, but I think the browser will have a much more native feeling when the settings are in a regular menu instead of a page.

  • Hi aeyoun,
    thanks for this good question (and thanks for this great browser, it is still my favorite)

    I would like to see two thinks on Mac which are probably already available on Windows:

    Tab Cycling:
    I like fast switching backward and forward between the last two tabs used by keyboard. This seems to be possibly currently only under Windows as mentioned in the flags. And there is also no extension available... please bring this back on Mac too

    Remove Word form Dictionary:
    In most dictionaries of any application s it is possible to add a unknown word, but none of there allow removing an accidentally added word, to prevent later mistakes by using it. The old Opera had this feature available and I used it often.... please bring it back.

    Hilsen fra Tyskland

  • +1 for the option to always open in private mode