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  • I have not had this problem with any of the previous new Opera versions.

    I installed Opera 29 on Saturday and immediately encountered the problem of not being able to create my own theme as I had done with the previous Opera versions without a problem. I can eventually get it to work, but not without a workaround.

    I go through the process of selecting the image that I want as my Background and click to create the new theme. Unlike with all the previous Opera versions ... with Opera 29, nothing happens. It just stays there like a bump on a log. The theme doesn't get created.

    Well, THEN when I go and select one of the default Opera themes that come with Opera 29 ... THEN my image that I tried to install as my Background appears in that thumbnail spot all ready to be created. Then I click to create the new theme and only then does my image get installed as my Background.

    Just in case it matters: I am using Windows XP Pro SP3 ... avast Free 10.2.2218 Anti-Virus. And before anyone asks, I already uninstalled Opera 29 and reinstalled it and got the same results of having trouble creating a new theme with my choice of image. As soon as I went back down to Opera 27.0.1689.76 I was able to create a new theme with my choice of image without any problem.

  • I have Windows 7, am using Norton anti-virus, and Opera 29. It seemed to okay for me. I right clicked on a jpg and got the menu, with the item, Use Image as Theme. I clicked on it. I don't believe there was a message, but when I switched back to my screen dial view, the new image was already showing as the theme (based on my having chosen, "Use Image as Theme."

    Now this worked for a jpg. It has never worked for all images (in other formats). It may work for some other formats, but I haven't been testing that.

  • For now, since things are working with my Opera 27, I'll probably just let it go since from what I hear, the Devs don't even read these threads anyway. I'll wait and see what the next version does. If the next version gives me the same problem, then I'll have to officially write it up as a bug.

    Uhhh, speaking of that ... where WOULD I write it up as a bug? Got a link to that area?
    Or can we also just up and go make our comments on some Dev Blog?

    Cuz Opera 29 also still exhibited that certain issue that me and another user also with Dial Up complained about with Opera 28. That was the issue of Opera 28 (And now Opera 29) NOT providing an "Open Image in New Tab" option when Right Clicking on an image that has not displayed yet. If Opera 30 or whatever the next version is still exhibits that issue, I want to be able to go voice my opinion more directly to the Devs.

  • Here's a link to the Opera bug report wizard.

    On the images, you're right about the lack in the right click menu. One would hope it would be fixed. The right click menu requires less thinking, though it's getting so filled, it's taking a bit of reading now. It's still easy enough to open the image in the new tab, though. It's like a link. You hold the control key down, or shift control, and thenleft click on the image. Or middle click on the image. Or hold the shift key down, and middle click on the image. The shift key in all of the above is just to make the image a foreground image.

  • Thanks for the link to the Bug Report Wizard, lem. I bookmarked it right away.

    And just in case the Devs decide NOT to re-add the "Open Image in New Tab" option to the Right Click menu ... thanks for the heads up on the workaround on how to accomplish the task via the alternate method.