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Opera 29 for Android &

  • Ok, I purchased a Kindle Fire HD 7 from Amazon. They include their own browser Silk, so I decided to install Opera for Android Tablet (so I could have all my bookmarks synced with my Opera for Windows which worked perfectly), obtained from the Opera site as an .APK file, installed it just fine, it was Opera 28...; I also am a subscriber to Amazon Prime, where I can stream videos for free on my laptop and on the Fire HD tablet.

    I tried it suing Silk, all was good. I tried it with Opera Android 28, worked fine, then today I accessed the Amazon site, and tried streaming a Prime go, it would not allow me to stream using Opera. I found out that my version of Opera Android had been updated to 29, and somehow now Opera is send some kind of signal out that Amazon detects and will not allow streaming video via Opera.

    Any ideas?? Might I try to use a private window and then would Amazon allow the video to play??

    I know I can have both browsers installed on my Fire, but I really want to use Opera mostly.


  • Also, I can see nothing on my Opera for Android that allows me to do any private browsing, how do I enable that??

  • Right here

    I do believe we have a Fire HD at the office.. we'll have a look. Thanks for the report.

  • I have tried everything, including specifying that Opera Mobile User Agent as Desktop, and in that case, the page that the movie is on now says, "Resume Playing" as it is supposed to, but then the next page informs me I need Adobe Flash, and it directs me to a page...but the only download is for Linux.

    So, I have no idea what to do, O29 on my laptop plays all my Amazon Prime moves perfectly, the Silk Broswer plays it perfectly...but Opera Mini nor Opera Mobile is allowed to play them. And just 2 days ago, my Opera 28 for Android played them perfectly.

    And I DID try a Private Tab, and that did not work either.

  • Nevermind, I finally realized all I had to do to watch videos on my Fire HD was simply to tap "Video" and it instantly takes me to my Prime Videos, I don't need a browser to go to the Amazon site, the Fire HD is "hard wired" to my Amazon site as well as my Videos and docs.

    Sorry for the misdirection here due to my ignorance.