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'Manage search engines' in Opera 29

  • I'm not sure if I'm missing something really obvious here. Opera's built in search engines with 'keywords' (e.g. use 'g' for google) doesn't seem to have a way for me to delete the ones I don't want. Or, more specifically, 'y' is assigned to yahoo search and I prefer 'y' to search youtube. The 'manage search engines' option allows me to create a new one but I can't assign the letter 'y' as it's already in use, for yahoo, and I can't delete the yahoo from the list. Help!

  • Sadly, that is the case. One of the major problems with web browsers is some rather sketchy programs and extensions like to hijack your search engines to reroute you to their websites so they can make money. Opera protects against this by keeping your default search engines locked and replacing the file were these are stored with every update. They have admitted that this is not an ideal situation but they have other priorities to on what areas of the browser they improve and the search engines aren't at the top of that list at the moment. Mostly they have been working on the Speed Dial, Bookmarks and Sync.

    That said, you can edit the file manually yourself. The file is named "default_partner_content.json" and its located in Opera's install folder. In the install folder you will find at least one folder with a name that is just numbers; you want the one that is the full current version number of Opera. Inside that folder you will find a folder named "resources". The JSON file is in there. Its kind of a mess to edit yourself so generally I just blank it and add the search engines I want manually inside Opera. Remember, it will be replaced when you next update Opera.

  • Awesome, thanks for that, got it working now after a little coaxing. Shame I'll have to do it again at next update 😕

  • Just copy the file and paste it over the new one when it updates.