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Separate Search Bar, I'm New, need help.

  • I recently switched to Opera because firefox was having issues with playing video. It's a great switch except for the absence of a separate search bar. My problem is that when I type something in the search/address bar, whatever I type in gets replaced by the web address. It's a small inconvenience, but I have to retype things so much due to old firefox habits.
    Here is an example of what would be ideal in terms of a second search box.

    Any kind suggestions?

  • Unfortunately they have removed this feature since Opera 12, and you can't change it.

    There is though a browser called Vivaldi that tries to re-create old Opera, and it has separate address and search boxes.

  • Now come on gustavwiz, that's a very unhelpful response. This is the Opera forum. Don't steer people to Vivaldi. It may have a separate address bar, but it lacks tons of other features anyway. It's not even in a final stage, but rather a technical preview only. It still lacks a lot of truly basic features. In any event don't troll here, moving people to Vivaldi.

    Now @gregtrainer, you're search query in the address bar shouldn't be replaced by a web address. If you left click in the address bar (which is a combination address bar and search vehicle, you should be highlighting everything already there) (another way to do that is by typing on the f8 key. Then typing your search query should delete anything in the search box, and you will be left with your new search query. Then press enter, and that should do it. The search engine you've chosen as default should take you where you want to go.

    Of course you don't have to do your search from the main address bar. If you're using Google as a search engine, there's a Google search bar that comes with the speed dial, so you can search from that separate search bar, unless you chose to delete it. You can also get a dedicated search box (separate from the search in the Omnibox Search/Address Bar with various Opera extensions. Here's an example for Duck Duck Go.

    Still, it's easy enough to search from the address bar, and may just take a little getting used to.

  • In the address bar he can just type the code for his desired search engine for followed by space then the search term. g for google, w for wikipedia, etc. Very easy without the need for a search bar taking up space. But to each his own tho

  • Apple's Safari has a nice way of handling gregtrainer's problem of having his search keywords clobbered by an engine's URL, but in keeping with current one-text-box browser UI.

    if you type a search phrase into Safari's address bar that is searched with the default engine, Safari simply keeps the search keywords displayed and does not show the actual URL. then you can just hit Cmd+L and type more words when you need to narrow down your results.

    Safari's behavior really makes sense to me, as I hardly ever need to manually copy a search engine link, but am almost always refining search results. And you can still click a bookmark or share button if you do need the engine's URL.
    I even have DuckDuckGo configured to not waste space on displaying its search bar in the page header because of this feature in Safari.
    I'd sure like Opera to implement this too 😃