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How To Copy Multiple Bookmarks From One Location To Another O29

  • One would think this might be a simple task, for instance in O12.17, I simply open the Bookmark Manager, and dragged those bookmarkS to another location; or I would "Cut them" and Paste them" wherever I wanted.

    In O29 I want to copy a folder and ALL of the bookmarks in it to another folder, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that...when I "Copy" a folder (right click on it) and then go the other folder where I want to place that COPY, there is no "paste" function (right click or any other way to paste.

    Help, for what was once a simple function; and now in O29 it has become an arcane process (note ALL the topics here asking questions about bookmarks).

    It seems to me this should have been one of the FIRST things the Opera development team would have included in New Opera - whereas each and every new iteration/update they are implementing a new version of Bookmarks.

    Please make this available to us...the way O12 worked, thanks

  • You can definitely copy and paste folders in O29, not sure why you aren't seeing the paste option in the right click menu, its working fine here:

  • Threat, ok, I see now my mistake was - I tried to paste the copied folder within the other bookmarks, and what I had to do was paste it into the space ABOVE the top folder/bookmark. I did not want to paste it into a NEW Folder.

    Ok, now that you've told me that, how do I select multiple bookmarks for copy and pasting elsewhere so that I don't have to do them one at a time??


  • Drag and select, just like with stuff in windows, or you can click the checkbox that appears in the corner of bookmark items when you hover your mouse over them for a second.

  • Aha, lando, now I see it, there is a check that is kind of grayed out, and when you ckick it, it become a dark blue, and so you can click on MANY of those checkmarks to choose multiple files, nice.

    I am reluctantly moving from 12.17 to 29; today I found out I could not login to my Chase bank site with 12.17, but can with O29...Chase told me they would only be supporting Chrome and Firefox, NO IE either. They said they do NOT support Opera, I guess they mean O12