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Opera will not start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i have tried everything i can think of, uninstalling, reinstalling, registry clean after uninstall w/ restart but i can not get opera 28-29 any version to load. i can get opera 12.17 to run, and opera beta to run, but nothing inbetween. i've tried running as administrator but nothing. i got the update yesterday and it was working fine, i went and downloaded a new extension for a better looking speed dial option, but when i couldn't get it to load every time i opened a new tab, i dumped it. i closed down opera and have only been able to get it to load one time after, that was today i downloaded 12.17 and redownloaded 29 a dialog box popped up after install that asked how i wanted to open this link, i clicked continue to use opera and opera 29 opened with all my speed dial buttons there, i clicked around everything worked fine, i closed it down, and now it wont open again, and i cant even get the dialog box to pop up anymore. PLEASE HELP, i need opera to run, as chrome's video freezes all the time.

  • Sounds to me like you have larger issues with your system. Give it a scan with Malwarebytes, defrag your HD and use Revo Uninstaller to remove Opera then try installing again.

  • Several things about your initial report raise two questions, in my thinking. First, what was the actual name of the speed dial extension, and where did you download it from? Second, when unable to get Opera to open, are there Opera processes still running (use Task Manager to check for Opera-named processes - force them closed via Task Manager if there are, and try restarting Opera afterwards)? FYI, Opera normally opens multiple processes: one or two for the browser itself, one for each extension, and one for each browser tab. If any process hangs "on" when Opera is closed, Opera won't restart like it should, and the orphaned running process has to be manually closed using Task Manager; after that, one has to find out what is hanging the stubborn process (the downloaded extension?).

  • blackbird, i downloaded it from the opera extensions store, it was called speed dial FVD. I have gone into the task manager and closed down all the opera processes and tried to open it every way i can think of, even running opera.exe strait from the task manager. i did what lando suggested with the revo uninstaller, and deleted everything that said opera with it, then reinstalled it and still nothing. I've done a malware scan and nothing, the one thing i didnt mention before cause i forgot was i checked in my kasperski anti virus to make sure it wasn't blocking it for some reason and found it says that it has all the permissions it needs. As i am typing this i am going to create another user profile on the computer and see if i can get it to load that way.

  • ok, i just created another user profile and installed the new opera, actually got the interface to open. However it said opera was out of memory and to reload the page, i did and the same thing happened. I couldn't even load the settings page, or even the google start page, it just opened straight to out of memory

  • Have you messed with your systems virtual memory, also called a pagefile, at all? Also, what does the task manager say under performance in regards to your memory usage?

  • ok after sleeping for a few hours i tried the secondary account again, and i am writing this from opera 29. So is there anything i can do to fix it on the main account?, or do i have to start transferring everything over to this one?

  • As long as Opera's working in the secondary account, you could use it there. But please realize that the actual cause(s) of the original non-restart problem and the later out-of-memory messages in the new account remain. In other words, the installation and/or system may not be stable. @lando242's questions remain pertinent, and the out of memory message is quite unusual for a brand new install which doesn't yet have any problematic sessions tabs and such, even if things now seem to be working. In addition to @lando242's questions, how much RAM is in your system and what version of Windows?

  • windows 8.1nt is what i am using and when the memory page displayed i was at 42 percent memory usage which is normal for my system when running opera, when not running opera i usually hover at around 37. i have 6 GBs of ram at 2.4ghs on an intel i3. and i would rather fix the non-start issue on the original user account.

  • sorry mis spoke about the memory usage on the new account page i was at about 38 percent with the memory error, and i'm normally around 25-27 percent without opera running.

  • Hi Did you get this fixed as I am having the same issue. I noticed that even though I have several tabs running, there are only 2 processes showing in task manager.

  • I also noticed that at work i keep getting tabs freezing, with the tab showing a continuous spin sign and nothing happens.