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  • Exactly, all the tiles are restricted in a tiny space, and no matter how many columns we choose to have, they are always very small. Bring back that very useful slider.
    lando242, you really make no sense.

    I'm finding that the tiles are too large and only allow 7 columns, in its present configuration. The old slider button allowed resizing down to much smaller tiles, and I could get them all on one page. Now, I have to scroll down 1.5 pages to get to all tiles. Annoying.

  • Press <ctrl> and at the same time spin the mous wheel, this automatically resize the screen and changes the dimension of the tiles

    Not the solution, but a chance


  • I wrote: press ctrl but it disapeared, so I rewrite, press ctrl and spin the wheel on the mouse

  • As kagliostro says, thats the ticket. You can also use the + and - keys to change the size. This also works in the bookmarks manager if you find those aren't the right size either.

  • type this in the address bar :::

    it will give you a drop down with sizes ranging from 128x128 to 1024x1024

    this will allow you to adjust the actual tile size rather than just zooming the page out Kagliostro advised to do

  • Ctrl + and Ctrl -

  • So, well with return of a type of miniatures the issue can be resolved and how to move the lower strip of bars back upward, in opera://flags of that function that was before "WebUI navigation bar" which was responsible for the provision of this strip of bars I don't see any more and as with it now to be and with quantity miniatures in line so far too not everything is clear.

  • Having used Opera as my default browser for at least 14 years, the only possible conclusion is that the people who run Opera have a collective death wish.

    I'm just a very simple user, I want to browse the WWW using my bookmarks, my start page, and pages found using Google.

    I managed to import my 2700+ bookmarks into Opera 20 via Firefox. It wasn't possible to import them from Opera 15 or whatever the last “good” Opera version number was. Now they're called “Imported from Firefox”. Yes you total dummies, that was the source of the bookmarks, but what's important to me is that they're MY BOOKMARKS! They are the ones that I want to use, but I have to go to “imported bookmarks” to use them.

    And worse than that, I can't see a list of folders and their contents. I have to scroll through these stupidly huge thumbnails designed for the partially blind. Why isn't it possible to open “Bookmarks” and be presented with a list of folders, which will open into further lists when clicked on?

    The result is that I don't use Opera bookmarks. Firefox has a simple list of folders, which open to show their contents when they're clicked on, so I use Firefox bookmarks.

    Chrome used to have this feature too, but recently they also decided, like Opera, to destroy the functionality of their bookmarks. I can't be bothered to work out what damage they've done, therefore I don't used Chrome bookmarks either.

    The other big problem with this destructive Opera 29.0.1795.47 “downgrade” is that the thumbnails have had 90% of their old functionality stripped from them. There's a ludicrous amount of wasted screen space down either side the displayed thumbnails, and the number of columns of thumbnails is limited to seven and I have to scroll down to find the ones I want, yet when this morning before the downgrade I could see all my thumbnails on one screen.

    Why are you hell-bent on destroying what used to be the best browser available. Certainly, you only had a market penetration of 2%, but that's only because 98% of people are imbeciles.

    Totally absurd.

  • They are the ones that I want to use, but I have to go to “imported bookmarks” to use them.

    You can move them if you want. Drag on drop works in the bookmarks manager (Ctrl+Shift+B).

    I have to scroll through these stupidly huge thumbnails designed for the partially blind.

    So set it to list mode. You can also use the zoom feature on the page to change their size and it will save that zoom setting.

    and the number of columns of thumbnails is limited to seven

    This can also be changed in Settings. Enable the power user mode by entering the Konami Code on the settings page (just make sure you aren't typing it in the search box) and that setting will appear.

    Totally absurd.

    As we say in the gaming world: you mad.

  • Ok where is the old setting for the speed dial instead of these bloody awful, bland, generic, Blech Icons how do I get back the icons that showed what they were really for? As for the Konami Codes all that for 3 codes? And the Hide search bar don't work.

  • You can change the icon of speed dial and bookmarks entries by going to the website, clicking the heart icon to the right of the address bar and using the arrow buttons that appear in the pop up to select an image for the icon.