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Opera 28 And Increased CPU Temps, Including Higher CPU Fan USe

  • I notice that when I boot O28, the laptop fan starts up right away, and the CPU temp of the laptop goes up considerably.

    What is going on, O12.17 does NOT do this at all

  • What is the OS and general stats of your laptop? CPU model and speed, amount of RAM, etc.

  • Window 7 64 bit, Intel i3 CPU 2.13 GHz, 2 cores, 4 logic..., 8GB ram, 500 GB hard drive. But what difference does THAT make, because other browsers I use do NOT increase fan use, and CPU temps.

  • But what difference does THAT make, because other browsers I use do NOT increase fan use, and CPU temps.

    You didn't list the specs of your system and you didn't mention whether it did it with other modern browsers or not. Opera 12 and Opera 28 have different system requirements and I was just checking to make sure you met them.

    When you are experiencing this high demand from Opera open up Opera's tank manager. This can be found in Opera Menu > Developer > Task Manager (this is not the same thing as the Windows task manager). You may have to enable Power User mode for Opera if you don't see this entry. Do any of the tasks listed there very high numbers in the CPU column?

  • Ok, the Browser pops up and down between 1 and 3, everything else is 0. But when the borwser opens and a few seconds after it is available for use, the number pops up to over 25 for a while, then gradually decreases.

    Appreciate the help, by the way.

  • Interesting. Generally increasing CPU temp and fan usage is caused but a process using a lot of CPU resources but Opera says its not using very much. Does the Windows task manager show similar results? Are there any other processes in the Windows Task manager that show high CPU usage other than Opera?

  • Looking at the Windows 7 Task manager, I can tell you that O28 is listed 13 times "Opera.exe *32" with each one listing a different amount of memory being that as it should be? When I close it down, all of them go away, and if I open O12.17, there is but one listing of "Opera.exe *32." the O12.17 shows about 123K, O28 shows various numbers, which MAY add up to a similar # as O12.17, but are listed separately. Curious.

    Of separate interest, when I tried to access THIS page (the forum) using either O28 or O12.17, I get THIS message::

    Error - Something went wrong on our end. We're sorry! If you're able, please let us know how you encountered the error."

    I am using IE to post this.

  • Is there any reason why I can't access this forum. I keep getting error something went wrong on our end please let us know how you encountered the error. I am using my tablet now, and cannot use o28, or Internet explorer to read this for um

  • You've got two things going on at the moment. First, the forum server is having "Oops" issues right now that should get fixed by tomorrow; in the meantime, go to and log out, then log back in. That should buy you some time (in my case, the 'fix' doesn't always stick for very long). Because a lot of users are having the problem on browsers other than Olde Opera, you may not get much feedback for this thread until the server problem gets resolved.

    Second, O28 and O12 work quite differently. O12 opens one process regardless of what is going on with the browser. By design, O28 opens a couple of processes for the browser itself, one more process for each of the extensions used by the browser, and yet another process for each of the tabs being tracked by the browser. Each of these multiple processes typically uses different amounts of memory from its neighbors. This is a Chrome/chromium design intended to keep a crash by an extension or tab from bringing down the entire browser.

  • Appreciate your kind help; of note if you go to the forum page and use a private window/tab, the "oops" does not appear. I assume this is a cookie problem.

  • Another update::

    O12.17 with only the home page open (Bookmarks) has the CPU temp at 32

    O29 with only the Speed Dial open has the CPU temp at 37

    So what is the difference, and is it possible to change the CPU drain for O29?/


  • I would like to address this again, my CPU temps and fan use definitely increases during the use of O29, whereas it does not do this at all with O12.17.

    I continue to be befuddled at to why this is, and would like for someone to address this with a reasonable answer and possible solution


    Windows 7, 64 bit.

    Running O12.17, this does not occur.

    Thus far not one answer has been able to clarify this, and why it is happening, thus increasing the wear and tear on my system and hardware.


  • No one has been able to help you because you are probably the only one with the problem. I've seen no one else here post anything like the problems you are having. Opera 12 is not related to Opera 29 and comparing them is no more helpful than comparing IE and Firefox. As for wear and tear on your hardware it is negligible. Things like CPUs and RAM don't 'wear out'. While your fans may see shortened lives we're talking shaving a few months off a lifespan of years. Being rude by posting in all caps isn't going to help your case at all regardless.

  • Please don't create duplicate topics about the same issue. I've deleted them.

    My guess is: for a fact the Opera 29 engine is more powerful (it has more performance and supports newer standards) than the old Opera 12 engine that's the reason of the increased usage.

    Do you have hardware acceleration enabled (it's an advanced setting)? It should be enabled by default to help to offload the CPU.