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  • Hello everyone.

    I've stumbled upon a problem that i only experience when i'm using my favorite browser, also known as Opera. When i'm trying to watch a stream the only things that's visible is that buffering wheel.. the stream never gets loaded and when i'm trying with a different browser there's not a problem.

    Is anyone else having theese problems? Is there a solution, or do i need to re-install the browser?

  • What Operating system are you using? What version of Opera are you using?

    I'm seeing the video on the main screen at Also I can see video on the top lives channels on that website.

    I'm not sure what the problem is. Do you have the latest Adobe Flash Player update. Can you watch video on other sites with your Opera browser, such as YouTube, See if the problem is unique to, or is general to video at other sites too with the Opera browser.

    You might want to look at this discussion of the issue also.

  • I'm using this version of Opera: V.28.0.1750.51

    And all video services are working correctly, i'm not sure what the problem is. I did the flash player update check as well, and i got the latest version of that also.

    Is there anything more i can do to try to fix this? Opera & Twitch doesn't seem to be working that good togheter from what i've seen.

  • Are you using Windows 7, 8? a Mac? Linus? Is your firewall set up to interfere with Twitch? Maybe turn it off, and see if that helps. Turn off your virus protection and test Twitch that way. Maybe you have some sort of block in your virus protection or Friewall, and you need to create a exception for the Twitch site. Did you update flash out of the opera browser? If not, go to the flash site with your Opera browser and do it?

    Deactivate all your extensions, and see if that makes a difference. If so, then reactivate one extension at a time, and test, to find a culprit.

    Check for viruses and malware. Malewarebytes is a good program for malware.

    Now if none of this works, someone else may have an idea, but I'm just not sure how to troubleshoot further. No question, Twitch works for me. I use Windows 7 Operating system, and Opera v. 28.

  • I tried doing all the things you mentioned above, but what solved it for me was to change the DNS.

    Enter your network > Right click on the network you're using > Press properties > Choose IPv4 > Use following DNS > / alternative (Google DNS) and it should start working correctly.

  • Great. Glad you found a solution!!!