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Can't move tabs between windows in Dev 30

  • In previous versions of Opera I could drag a tab from one window to another. This only seemed to work if it was the last tab in a window though. If there were two tabs in the window I was unable to move focus from the source window to any others. If it was the last tab though the source window would disappear as I dragged the tab out of the tab bar and it would allow me to drop it into the window below. Now though even that functionality has failed. I can drag the tab and the window disappears but if I try to drop it into a new window it ends up just recreating the previous window. Is there anything I can do to restore this or am I stuck?

  • What do you mean by window below? Windows taskbar?

  • I found the problem. There is a delay between moving the tab and being able to drop it. You just have to wait a tick or two and then it will drop.

  • Probably you are affected by performance regression since Opera 28, I have similar performance problems, lagging tabs when dragging, webpage scrolling lags or even halts when still loading and so on...

  • Nah, it was just a change from what i was used to. In all honesty I didn't use the feature that much as theres no way to switch between windows (that I know of) that works when you have a tab dragged around by your mouse pointer. Since I use Opera with the window maximized that meant I rarely had opportunity to use it.

    As for your performance issues, have you tried delete your session files in your profile folder? It seems to help a lot of people with unexplained performance problems with Opera.

  • I cleaned up my entire profile and copied just bookmarks, cookies and passwords. I see improvements in tabs dragging and window refreshing 🙂 But scrolling is not much faster, especially on ZBCentral, Tumblr and Pinterest. What can be is that my HDD is heavily defragmented, even with my cache cleaned up, I hear my hdd when images load. Anyway what's most important I fixed my youtube problem, but I'm going off topic here 😛

  • Defragging the HD could help. Whenever you get in the market for a new/upgrade for your PC I cannot recommend SSDs more highly.