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Request to change the data in my account...

  • We warmly welcome.
    I am writing this message to you, because I would request, namely, please, change the data in my account called "Neo" I wrote before your message, and at first was an answer, and later he was, so I am writing this message again. I ask to change my account information to which I have access. If there is any response which then pass the rest of the data.

  • Did I finally get an answer on this, because it's an exaggeration. As if that is the support forum, and simple thing you can not get a reply ... Before somehow Support Opera functioned, and now I see that even people who like to deal with supoort can not answer or fulfill my request.

  • This is an users' forum although Opera employees may pass by eventually.

  • Well, I hope, because I care about recovering your account and unfortunately does not have any direct contact to help, hence the urge his request, because I care about regaining my account, and I can not do that because the e-mail address is on this account is ending And unfortunately I can not remember the password or anything like that, hence I wrote about it.

  • Jarek, let's make it a bit clearer:

    • what sort of account was that - which site exactly?
    • was it your account - personal?
    • with which e-mail service had it been registered - MyOpera Mail?
  • Jarek, let's make it a bit clearer:

    Hmm, i guess it's clear enough that we are talking about an Opera account with an old MyOpera email associated with it.

    And i'm not sure if they would be able to do something as i don't know if and/or how they couild verify the infos.

  • So that's my name that I have this user : "Neo"
    I have used this account for over 8 years, and then was introduced mail and your account under the name I assigned to an e-mail I can even send your message with the exact date when it was set up an email account with your email address As for verification, even I can enter the password that I had, to Another werfyfikacjÄ… may be the message I wrote to support. I have all the necessary e-mail for this purpose. So if something is needed I can send, but obviously someone e-mail, or as a last resort here in the forum. Unfortunately, even now I can not recall your password, because the link is sent to the e-mail address

  • Where was the account, Jarek? Something else?

  • This account also served me to sync bookmarks, one account for everything, then I had this account access to your bookmarks, Opera Link, My Opera. For all your services. A e-mail to this account was changed from on

  • Never bind a service access to the same service.

  • Certainly this account was used to sync my bookmarks I'm sure, because another name and I did not use the account. So I would like to recover your account, as I wrote before I can sent all Message?

  • Hi Will there be a change of e-mail, which I described in this topic, I would like to recover your account, and unfortunately you hinder me in writing that the account of which he writes is not associated with any service which is total bullshit, because even as He himself forget password on the forum, it is giving the e-mail address with which he writes, I get a message that the activation link to the password reminder has been sent. So either you write it specifically to solve the case, or you just can not do it, which is really weird because people from support should be given that opportunity. Therefore, please refresh the topic and a change in my old account e-mail address to be able to forget each password and use the old account.