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Upgraded from v12 to v28 and a couple of questions.

  • Hello All,
    I've just upgraded from v12 to v28 and I cannot find how to do a couple of things in v28 that I found useful in v12.

    1. Open link in new tab; in v12 if I clicked a link whilst holding down the "shift" key Opera would open the link in a new tab (now in v28 the same action opens the link in a new instance of Opera), how can I do this in v28?

    2 User Stylesheet; In v12 I had set up a custom User Stylesheet (CSS) and by using "shift + g" Opera would use that stylesheet on the active tab, is there any way to do this in v28?

    It's not like I'm a new user of Opera, I've been using it since it was supported by adverts at the right of the menu bar (and you could pay to remove them!).

    \sidebar/ Where have all the preferences gone?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Its middle click now. So just click the link with your scroll wheel and it will open it in a new tab in the brackground.

    2. Not that I know of.

    3. The sidebar of old is gone. The latest beta release has an extensions sidebar in the works but its not quite the same thing.

    1. I'm sure you can manage something similar with some extension.. Search chrome and Opera extensions: "style" or "css" :rolleyes:

    2. If you don't have a quick access to middle mouse button look up "open in background" in extensions too.

  • About number one: Ctrl + left mouse button do the trick.

  • I recently upgraded from Opera 12 to Opera 28 because is no longer supporting Opera 12. On the web site that I moderate several members use photo bucket to post images. So I upgraded to Opera 28. Now the images are correctly displayed. However I have discovered several things that seem to be missing from Opera 28 or I just do not know where to find them.

    1. I can not add buttons like HOME and PRINT to the Navigation Bar like I could in opera 12 having a home button makes Administrating the web site much easier rather than having to hit the web site on the bookmarks bar.
    2. The Staff of the Web Site communicate with each other using Internet Relay Chat, from a button on the sidebar of the site. There was never any problem doing this with version 12 of opera. However when I click on the link using Opera 28 I get the following message. Unknown Protocol Opera was unable to open the link since no application associated with IRC protocol was found on your system. I find this quite odd for the following reasons.
    3. I have the current version of mIRC installed on my system
    4. Opera 12 has an IRC Client
    5. Google Chrome has an IRC Client.
      If I do a search within the add ons and extensions for Opera 28 by typing IRC chat, IRC client, IRC plug in it tells me nothing was found.

    I know I could use FireFox, Google Chrome, or even Internet Explorer but I would really like to continue to use Opera is there a way to add buttons and to get an irc client to work in OPERA 28?


    1. There are extensions that can make home buttons or make the 'Start Page' button function like one. I don't know about print but probably that too. Ctrl+P also works for that.

    2. Things like built in email clients, built in IRC clients, built in adblocker, etc were removed. They were used by a comparatively small number of users vs the amount of effort it took to maintain them. I'm not sure why the link isn't working with mIRC though.

    3. Most extensions are made by third parties, not the Opera dev team. Its up to them to release them.

  • Like bare-elf I upgrade from v12 to v28 because of photobucket support no longer being there.

    And I've also got a question. Most I've figured out so far (like the removal of the google bar on speed dial).

    But what I'm wondering if there's an option to get the number linking to the speed dial back. In opera 12 I always opened my standard websites with numbers (just typing 3 in URL bar opened up the website on speed dial 3). And crtl +3 did the same. Now I can't seem to do that. I also can't find an exention for this. Is this gone? 😞

  • Yeah, I'm still missing that feature. Currently there is no default keyboard shortcut for speed dial entries. This is party due to the fact that IIRC Opera 12 had a limit for 9 speed dial entries, which synced up well with 1-9 on the keyboard. Newer versions of Opera have no such limit. Keyboard shortcuts as a whole have been rather lacking in Opera since the jump but improvements are being made. 29 has a built in shortcut editor for example.

  • Shame 😞

    And you could go higher than 9 in Opera v12. Just the crtl + number didn't work (that only worked for 1-9). But if you typed 12 in the URL bar you'd go to speed dial 12 immediately. A lot quicker than typing the whole url or clicking (cause I prefer to use my touchpad as little as possible)

  • Ah, well, in that case I know of a little hack that will get you through. Just crate a custom search with the url of the website you want and assign a number to it. Type that number into the address bar followed by a space and away you go. That works with any site and key word/number.

  • I'm sure you can manage something similar with some extension.. Search chrome and Opera extensions: "style" or "css"