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  • After about 4 months of a slow very very laggy Opera I can't handle the frustration anymore and I'm now using Chrome.
    Opera is a great browser, but it's impossible to use anymore.

    Every 20 seconds or so it just STOPS responding for 3-5 seconds, then works again until the next 20 seconds are up and stops and so and and so on. Scrolling, typing text, video clips, opening tabs, everything, it just stops.

    I've been using Opera for many years and even survived the shock from 12 to 20, but no more until this problem is sorted out.

  • This question gets answered here on these forums about 3 times a week. Did you even try to solve this problem using the methods on this forum? I mean, we can;t really help you if you don't tell us what you have tried and what you haven't.

  • Sigza, what's the version that troubles you so?

    I remember there's been a topic just recently about such slowing and lagging.
    Maybe it's a certain version, and/or certain incompatibilities with your system.

  • Yes I did search, but didn't find much.

    I found this post:
    Not helpful at all.

    Version: 28.0.1750.48 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

  • There must be one or two more, AWAIR. One of them even dated.
    Try looking through a couple of further pages...

    I presume it might be an issue with 28 on 7. Not sure.

  • So you tried deleting the session files and it did nothing?

  • Thanks, I deleted the three session files and all appears back to normal.

  • Ok, so all was working fine, but the lagging has started again. Not too bad at the moment, but slowly getting worse.
    Not nearly the 3-5 seconds first reported, but from zero it has increased to about 1/4 sec in two weeks.
    So will I need to regularly delete the session files, any why???

  • Do you have any extensions? Have you played around with flags?

  • Yeah, you'll need to regularly delete them or turn off the 'continue where I left off' feature. It seems some peoples PCs start dragging when those sessions files get above a certain size. We don't really know why though.

  • I have the newsfeed (which I have set to auto prune every month - I will reduce this now) and the gmail extensions.
    No, I have not played with flags, afaik.

    I like the continue where I left off feature.
    Bit of a pain this, but at least I know where to "fix" it now.