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[Urgent] Tinypic Pictures No Longer Shows On Opera Mini

  • Since Monday Opera Mini has stopped showing pictures uploaded on which many web developers including i depends on. All pictures on my blog has stopped showing, i first thought i tampered with some settings until my friends told me they're facing same thing with their sites.

    My site if viewed on opera mini will show blocks but won't display the pictures whereas everything shows well on UC.

    For instance, clicking this tinypic picture link on Opera won't show the pic but direct users to tinypic website while clicking same link on UC will show the picture. I've contact Tinypic but they said the issue is not from their side since it's showing perfectly well on all other browsers. It has really dis-stabilize my site and i know thousands of webmaster will be facing same issue. Opera pls do something about it. I represent the entire webmaster communities here, put it right.

  • Sorry, i mean not

  • I don't see the problem, only j2me version may have a redirection to and after that works following the original link.

  • Not only j2me, Opera Mini for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone also auto redirect to the link above if users choose to click the blank pictures. All visitors using Opera Mini on their device can't directly view pictures. It wasn't like this two weeks ago. Clicking should show the picture directly as other browsers does not redirect it.

  • Yes, indeed but that depends on texture control (delegated render set on/off) on Opera mobile browser which may work with default settings. I don't see the problem with Opera Mini since doesn't load blanks for me with android and j2me. If I remember correctly there are two ways to bookmark the jpg file on that site sending the link to the site and\or pic, btw. To set a proper compression method perhaps you may want to change the image quality from settings.

  • Changing image quality under settings in Opera Mini to the highest doesn't show the pictures. Am using both Java and Android phones with Opera Mini installed and non shows or render tinypic pictures. You claim all pictures shows on your side, can you screenshot my site and upload it here for me/all to see if indeed the pictures shows on your side?

  • Not the first two posts i published yesterday, i upload their pics on another host when users are complaining. Am talking about the remaining 18 posts on the homepage.

  • Hi, thanks for the report. I forwarded your problem to server guys. Let's hope it gets fixed soon:)

  • Thanks Mbaluta, i appreciate that. Sagrid really frustrate me.

  • FWIW, I've had the same problem with desktop Opera 12.17 for the past few weeks. I posted about this here.

  • Yesterday, i came to realize that not only tinypic is affected. Pictures stored on Photobucket are not showing on Opera Mini as well. Tinypic is a sub-branch of Photobucket.

  • Pictures still not showing....hope you guys are working on it.

  • Possibly tinypic is applying browser sniffing using object detection looking for window.opera (supported only in opera presto) ; this page explains it:

    maybe solution: a userjavascript that hides window.opera property only at *

    can anyone help making this userjavascript?

  • Am damn sure Opera knows what the issue is, i just wish it doesn't takes them a long time to fix.

  • FWIW, I've had the same problem with desktop Opera 12.17 for the past few weeks. I posted about this here.

    Today I experienced the same problem 12.16 on Linux. Turns out that triggers some redirection on, which Opera can't handle. But embedding the same picture with a direct link (with the O at begin of URL! ) in a forum works very well.

  • That may works but what about more than thousands of pictures previously uploaded? It's impossible to be adding "o" to each picture one by one. Opera still needs to cure the re-direction problem.

  • It's just a workaround for people wanting to embed pics in a forum. And to me it's not Opera that has to change, tinypic hast to put the right URL in their copy$paste code snippet they offer for forums. And btw, changing URLs one by one is only for people who never heard of sed, perl etc.

  • This blog explains how to fix it:

    Works fine on my desktop Opera 12.16 for Linux.

  • Still not works¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    What happend? I think technical support people have little desire to work


  • @schnellinger am running a blog not a forum, so all those tweaks you are saying doesn't apply to me. If you read the thread from the beginning, you would have noticed that i said i've contacted Tinypic through their contact page and they said the problem is not from their side.

    Tinypic renders perfectly well without adding any "o" or other alphabet on all other web and mobile browser EXCEPT Opera and Opera Mini which means the problem is from their side.

    I just couldn't suppress my pain concerning this issue as almost 60% of my blog visitors uses Opera Mini to access my site and it is a pain in the ass for me for them not to be able to see the pictures of products i review.