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Opera V.11.xx - How to trigger task from Window tas scheduler libary from with-in Opera

  • Hello,

    I know some basic skill about the below to call application from with-in Opera ( v.11.xx )

    Item, "Gmail<>Chrome"=Execute program,"C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe",""

    If I'm to call/trigger one of my task from build-in Window task scheduler ., what would be the setting ?

    I have a task about killing Dropbox.

    Thank you very much.

  • Can't you just copy command line from Scheduled Task?

    Otherwise there is command called 'schtasks':

  • Thanks donq !

    I have tried : schtasks /Run [/S <DELLYOGA> [/U <eeeemc> [/P [<blah blah blah]]]] /TN <FeedRoller Start>

    my task setting I can see is computer name "DELLYOGA" with my user name "eeeemc" + password I have keyed-in.

    I use run command & the task is not activate (I but I can see a quick flashes small black dialog pops up once I hit the command from the run box )

    Is the above setting wrong ?

    Thank you very much.

  • I meant, I tried this but not works..............

    schtasks /Run [/S <DELLYOGA> [/U <eeeemc> [/P [<blah blah>]]]] /TN <FeedRoller Start>

  • schtasks /Run [/S < DELLYOGA > [/U < eeeemc > [/P [< blah blah >]]]] /TN < FeedRoller Start >

  • These square brackets denote optional parameters; your command could look as next:

    schtasks /Run /S DELLYOGA /U eeeemc /P "blah blah" /TN "FeedRoller Start"

    And you can 'debug' your command line in cmd window, this way you can see results or messages.