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Opera Disconnects Internet Connection.

  • For the last 8 months I have been plagued with continuous internet disconnections. I took me FOREVER to discover that this issue only surfaces when I use the Opera Browser. I can be online for hours and hours but the minute I start up Opera it is inevitable that I will lose my internet connection.

    Losing my internet connection does NOT occur when...

    • Using Internet Explorer-
    • Using Firefox
    • Using my computers installed Outlook Express

    The ONLY common denominator in losing my internet connection is the Opera Browser. About 5 minutes or less after I use it I lose me internet connection... but without using the Opera Browser I never lose my internet connection.

    I have the latest release... so Opera is VERY up to date.

    How do I fix this Opera Disconnection issue? Well I use the Windows Network/Internet trouble-shooting wizard. It will find and fix the issue and then I have my internet back. It claims that it has to reset the network connection device (my wireless internet stick) and then it works. Oh and... in case you feel like asking me... YES MY INTERNET CONNECTION STICK IS WORKING CORRECTLY... this issue only occurs when and ONLY when I use the Opera Browser.

    Hoping to get some ideas or suggestions.

    Thanks for reading......

  • What's your system, what's your connection, and what's your Opera install?

  • Hey joshl thanks for responding.

    I have ASUS desktop with windows 8.1 (64 Bit). I have a 25 Mb/s internet connection and I just upgraded to the latest Opera version 3 days ago. I upgraded opera to see if it would solve the issue of it cutting off my internet connection.

    True to form... I was online today doing things with no problems until I started up Opera... the second I did that I lost my internet connection. This is just the way it is with Opera. I experience no issues UNTIL I start Opera.

    Thanks so much for your reply.

  • When you say 'lost' it would help if you describe exactly what you mean. What error messages do you get? What does the Windows Network and Sharing Center say? Do other apps still have the ability to access the internet when this happens? What kind of connection are you using? That kind of stuff.

  • Does Chrome browser cause disconnects too?

  • Thanks again for responding. When I say "Lost" I mean that I can't access the internet using my wireless computer. The connection gets "cut-off". Yet when this happens my wife can still access the internet using her wireless desktop computer. On top of that our Vizio Smart TV & our Galaxy Tablet still have internet access.

    When this happens I receive no messages whatsoever... none... My internet connection just stops unexpectedly using Opera... or gets cut off... If I'm trying to access a web page it just won't load. Then I get that general system message saying that the page might not be available or may have changed addresses and also to check my internet connection.

    When I have no internet access I always run the Microsoft Trouble shooter by "right-clicking" on my internet connection icon and choosing Troubleshoot Problems. It will repair it everytime and then provide me with a message when it's done that says it "Reset" the network adapter. When the trouble shooter runs I just watch it go through the steps it needs to figure out what is wrong... and each time it cuts the power to (resets) my wireless D-Link internet Stick. After that I have my internet connection back until it stops again... sometimes as soon as 30 seconds.

    If I stop using Opera and use Firefox or IE I never lose my internet connection.

    I just thought of something... maybe I should check for updates to my D-Link wireless network adapter.

  • So I just checked for drivers at the D-Link website and the latest driver update release for my internet stick is dated for 2008... so apparently I have the latest driver.

  • So the wireless stick is at least 7 years old and was probably designed for Windows XP/Vista. Thats older than Chrome too, which is what Opera is now based on. Install Chrome real fast and see if it causes the same problems. If it does I'd say its time to replace the wireless dongle. If it doesn't it might just be some weird fluke problem with Opera.

  • Hey thanks... that sounds like a good idea to try. I'll install Chrome tomorrow as I'm busy ripping up a floor tonight. The wireless stick is about 5 years old but it doesn't matter cause if the driver is 7 tears old then that's getting pretty ancient in the tech world.

    Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I'll let ya know how things work out.

  • Hi.
    I have the very same problem. I always liked Opera but ever since they switched to WebKit it is simply not the same.
    And now, among other issues, it DOES mess up the internet connection. Pages sudenly stop loading and shortly after entire traffic on my PC is down, not only WWW. Everything. Then I need to wait a bit or restart the router. During down time, other devices work normally.
    It almost seems like Opera forces Windows to think that IP lease expired and forces it to renew it (but without rush). It happens in random intervals.
    Do not listen to the chap saying it's drivers issues. It is not. If it was then there would be a global problem with connectivity. Tested. Other browsers or services work absolutely fine. Thas stops quickly once I launch Opera. It goes back to normal when I stop using Opera either by shutting it down or simply leaving it alone and not (re)loading any page (or by killing it with frustration).
    I must admit that I have not tested it with Chrome. If anyone does, post the findings here please. I hate Chrome with passion therefore noone will talk me into testing it. I rather switch to Firefox. Unless this bug gets fixed.

  • Google Chrome on Windows XP SP3 (32) works good.

  • I too am facing the same issue.
    Opera version: 37
    OS: Mac OSx Yosemite

  • Same problem for me! Using an Alienware R3 laptop running Windows 10 with all drivers updated. Chrome works fine for me but after a few minutes running the Opera browser I lose its Internet connection, even with Chrome still running in the background. I checked my Windows firewall and looks good there as Opera is listed for both public and private and its set as my default browser.

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

  • I face the same problem intermittently. Internet is on in other browsers including Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers but off only in Opera (I'm using the latest 64 bit beta version). After a day or so, the problem goes away automatically and connection is back in Opera. The problem then reoccurs at some other time.