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Opera Mini 8 beta 5 for Android

  • Hi all,

    Today, we released another beta of Opera Mini for Android. This time, we focused on making the most out of your screen real estate.

    We merged the Home and Speed Dial views. Now, you donโ€™t have to fuss with the headers and all your content appears on one page. Just like before, you can turn on and off some content in the settings menu.

    We also added a fullscreen mode, which hides the Android notification bar and scrolls away the action bars when you are browsing. You can enable this in settings, as well.

    As always, we squashed a lot of bugs for you โ€“ most notably, a bunch of font issues. To correct some issues, you might see a font-calculation dialog.

    Again, thank you for being a part of our beta testing. Please leave your feedback in the comments.

    You can get Opera Mini for Android beta here:


  • Great.
    Let's see what we have so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reports are coming.


  • Nice to see improvements in opera mini beta...i have two more suggestions inspired from oupeng (china opera counter part)

    1. Please add night mode brightness option just like oupeng browser

    2. Swipe sides to go to bank and forward pages just like oupeng browser.

    Btw, I have a WP too... Shall I expect some courtesy on that platform also from opera mini WP team... No update for the last three months??

  • OK, after some tests I could see:
    The unified start page was a good move.

    Fullscreen mode is nice.

    I didn't saw the font improvements yet, but it already looks good...

    Now, some important things I think are missing and should be back:
    Ability to see the data usage for the current session. Very useful.

    The page title. Why I can only see the page title when switching tabs?
    The page title should be on top of the page like in the old mini, or in the URL field (when we are not using it).

    Little issues/bug:
    I'm still unable to select text on certain pages like etc. Please fix it.

    Bookmarks are not sorted by name, etc.

    And some feature request: ๐Ÿ™‚
    It would be nice to have a option to put the URL bar at bottom (like yandex browser). It's crucial imho, because smartphones are becoming bigger and bigger, and is hard to move the finger to the top all the time.

    Open image in current page. Currently it only opens in a new tab, it would be great to have a option to open in the same/current tab.

    Night mode. Please.

    That's it for now.
    I hope you can understand my poor English.


  • It's getting better and better.... loving it... swipe to reload has improved... the bookmarks are there.... Hope we can have themes...

  • my recently saved pages are missing after clearing data and cache.... even the latest bookmarks... and finally i did rearrange my bookmarks... now they are the way they were in my opera mini 7.6

  • I have nothing left to say now everything is perfect with this update, thank you for listening and improving the fonts.

  • Just wait Night Mode in Opera Mini, my eyes very tired with this UI at niht... ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • All of the font issues i was having seem to be fixed! The feature to turn off "discover" works perfectly and is very much appreciated. Something i might suggest is the option to turn off third party cookies like you can in the other opera browser for android.

  • Please add night mode brightness option just like oupeng browser and copy the text on all websites

  • Apparently a faster rendering via EDGE connection is provided by mini7 rather than latest Opera Mini 8.

  • Dear sir
    I'm using opera mini on galaxy tab
    The problem is the font size is to small even after selecting for large
    Please fox this issue

  • Download takes longer to start... i wonder why.... no matter the site of download... only pics download faster... but videos...

  • Ever since Opera Mini was released for Android for the first time, and up till now, Opera as not provided the option to save Opera Mini web pages to any folder on the SD card.

    Opera Mini for Android saves web pages only in the /data/data folder of the internal memory, and we can access that folder (and backup/restore our saved web pages) only by rooting the phone, this is a major inconvenience and results in the loss of webpages when we restore the phone to factory settings or get a new phone.

    This option to save webpages to SD card is available in the JAVA version of Opera Mini, and is a very important feature.

    Please add the option to save web pages to SD card for Opera Mini for Android, as well as the ability to open previously saved web pages from any folder on the internal memory / SD card.

  • @kevin009 Even on rooted phones you have the ability to save page content ar downloaded items on USB storage but it may not work, doesn't work for downloaded content with Nexus S ICS. I would test that on a device with SD card.

  • I've downloaded the latest opera mini finally and indeed saved pages root can't be found. Interesting: G store throw the clueful log text file just in time or after mini download, it was noted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi,

    Will the Opera Link work in OM 8 production or in the next beta? How could I sync my bookmarks and speeddials from old Opera Mini?