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Multiple Opera.exe entries in processes ?

  • When ever I look at my processes in Opera 27, I find seven active entries to Opera.exe and one to Opera crash report?
    Is this right?

    It seems like Opera is using a huge amount of resources?

  • Its normal. Each tab, extension, plugin, etc has its own process. That way, if one crashes, it doesn't take down your whole browser. In addition it allows the different processes to use different cores of your processor without having to write complex multi-threaded code.

    It seems like Opera is using a huge amount of resources?

    You will find that the total amount of RAM and clock cycles used by the whole batch isn't that much more than an equivalent single process web browser with the same number of tabs/extensions/etc running. There is some overhead of course but its well worth the benefits.

  • Thanks for the explanation, it makes more sense to me now!

  • Just another reason to go back to IE. 😞

  • Just another reason to go back to IE. 😞

    So, because Opera is more stable and not based on code written in the 20th century, thats a reason to go back to the oldest, crappiest browser still on the market? Not for long of course. IE is being replaced in Windows 10. That said, your statement makes no sense.

  • A side effect, I believe, to the many processes is the increased CPU temps, and increased fan use in my laptop (O29 and Windows 7 64 bit).

    I asked this question here in the forum and did not get any satisfactory answers for why this is happening.

    O12.17, the CPU temp and fan usage is considerably less than O29, and I think this is putting additional wear and tear on my computer.

  • Well, don't use Chrome then. Opera and Chrome share this feature.

  • Just another reason to go back to IE. 😞

    Yep, have a good time with multiple iexplore.exe