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  • As I'm sure many are aware, the last Java version that works in Opera 12 is Java 7 Update 67.
    Versions after that do not work in the browser at all, with no apparent loading of the plugin.
    Investigating this I've found a reasonable workaround.

    You need to install Java 7 Update 67, and then save copies of two files somewhere.
    These are "npdeployJava1.dll" in the [Java Folder]\bin\dtplugin folder, and "npjp2.dll" in the [Java Folder]\bin\plugin2 folder.
    Then uninstall Java 7 Update 67, and install the latest Java, which is Java 8 Update 31 at the moment.
    Rename the new versions of the files mentioned above to "" and "" and copy the Java 7 Update 67 files you saved into the folders in their place.
    You should now find that the java should work in Opera and report the latest version, although you will get a prompt that the java version you have is out of date because the plugin files are from an older version.

    Keep the copies of the older plugin files that you saved safe somewhere, you will need to replace them again if you update Java again.
    Whether this actually opens up any serious security vulnerabilities I don't know, but at least it works and enables you to use the latest Java version in Internet Explorer and elsewhere on the system.
    Unfortunately there seems to be no way of permanently disabling the update nag.
    I suspect that this will not work on 64 bit systems, I haven't actually tried that yet, but I will at some point.

  • What you did is update Java then come back to the older version, just keep the version that still works.

  • Partially yes, but only the plugin is the older version, the rest of the java installation is current.
    Java in Internet Explorer. which uses ActiveX of course not the plugin, is still completely up to date.
    As I said, this may well introduce security holes in Opera 12, but at least the system Java is up to date!

  • Hi. I have just spent hours trying to get Opera 12.12 to open Java applets after updating to Java 8 Update 31. I did not keep track of the last Java Version that I used, except to note that I update Java regularly.

    I will try uninstalling the latest/reinstalling an older version to copy files but I want to know if that there is absolutely no other fix for this.

    Please advise.

  • I've never found any way of getting Java to work now in Opera 12 other than sticking with Java 7 Update 67 or using my plugin replacement workaround.
    The issue was reported to Oracle here but I'm not expecting them to do anything about it, as I'm sure they'll just say that Opera 12 isn't supported!

  • The problem with your work around (and installing old versions of Java) is that Java updates are done for a reason, namely closing security windows that have developed since the last version.

    For me, I'm not willing to risk a security invasion on MY computer, nor deal with the nag of Java telling me I don't have the latest version.

    What I do is when I get to a page that I really need Java to work in, I simply do a "Open With Opera" (or "Open With IE") on that page and that opens Opera 27 (which I also have installed).

    It's too bad we have a version of Opera that was outstanding (and still is) and to have had it replaced with a new version of Opera (27) that is incomplete.

    The simple implementation of a bookmark system like we had in 12.17 (that everyone and his uncle seems to want) obviously is not included in the newest Opera iterations...for what reason escapes me. The bookmarking system in 27 is completely arcane, as can be seen by the number of posts here in this forum asking for help with bookmarks.

  • I agree with you completely about the possible security implications of replacing even one plugin file from the Java installation with an older version, and I did make that point in my earlier posts.
    I only offered this as a workaround for anyone who wanted to use it, but at their own risk of course!