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Excess data usage, I seen to have it. Can it be tested

  • Using Opera mini 9.1 on iPhone 4s running ios 7.1.2. I seem to be getting about a 10% saving rather than a 85% saving as indicated by Opera. Downloaded a page of pics which totalled 2.2 mb, and used about 2.0 mb of data to do it. Is there a setup to test this? Eg. Go through a set process of web search and download that you can then review actual data usage and compare to reported usage?

  • Not sure, but the first question would be how are you measuring it on your phone, and are you certain there's nothing else using data at the same time? Do you get the same data usage when hitting the same site over and over?


  • Hi jmw, using Datawiz to measure data, nothing else active that would affect as far as I could tell. Minimal data use 5 min either side of test. This is a long term trend not just a one-off. The little test I did only took a few minutes but generally it seems to use much more than it should. I might try doing the same download with safari and compare.

  • @kcbear, can you give the URL to your test page? I will explain a little on savings: Opera Mini mode gives you the highest rate of savings, but the pages are rendered on our servers and many dynamic websites will not work well. Opera Turbo should give smaller savings, but the websites should work the same as in Safari. Basically if the website you have visited is well done and pics are already compressed, then we can't do much and savings will not be impressive. In addition secure websites (served with HTTPS) are not touched, but are counted as downloaded data, so it will lower your savings too. It may also happen that your phone will fail to connect to our servers, then downloaded data will lower the savings too. If this happen often, then you should file a bug report on, so we can investigate what's wrong.
    Basically if you want to check our savings, then you should browse more than 1 website.

  • If I'm understanding his issue, Mini is reporting 85% savings, while Datawiz is reporting much more data transferred than the 15%. He's trying to resolve the two.