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Opera stalls on loading many web pages

  • My Opera 12.17 -1863 on XP goes to 37/56 for example, stalls there.
    By stopping loading and restarting, I may eventually get a full load.
    Never happens on my simple web pages but on many others.
    It has become a serious problem. Interminable waiting if no good.

    Please don't tell me to upgrade Windows and Opera. Please.
    (I've been using Opera for many years and hate other browsers.)

  • Do you have an example of a website that causes the problem consistently? Is Opera set up with plain-vanilla settings or do you have a number of settings customized (blocked redirects, JavaScript disabled, cookie restrictions, etc)? Are you running any extensions with Opera? Finally, if you visit a problem site using another browser on the same computer, does it behave itself?

  • I have Opera "wide open" re Javascript, cookies, etc etc -- I disabled all two extensions.
    Many sites stall, here are typical stall points, which vary, e.g.: 34/36 )I got it eventually) 30/58 61/64 62/67(appeared) then 64/68 77/82 not beyond 81/82 after 10 minutes

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Well I've just tried all your links in Opera 12.14 on Linux, and every page loads completely in under 5 seconds. No errors, no stalls, nothing, just completely loaded web pages.

  • May be problem with XP:

    • secure connection (SSL/TLS)
    • virusscanner or other security software
    • Adblocker extension or other webfilter
    • blocked content by hosts file

    Ich tested many sites and your URLs with XP SP2 and had no problems.

  • May be problem with XP...

    I have similar issues with my 11 on Home SP3 here. Minor trouble: it's not the main content 'stalling' - I guess it's some shsh*** like ads and haberdashery. The pages I care about work; on heavy sites they might not - for that I have other browsers 😎

    Author, mind you! Your "resistance" won't last long anyway: Java's abandoning XP, Microsft itself abandoning XP, sure other developers as well. This year's gonna be the Apocalypse.

  • This morning all seems well -- loading in 5-10 seconds.
    I may have done more than one thing -- bad practice.
    For one, I turned Opera Turbo OFF.
    Perhaps by coincidence, my WiFi machine had to be re-installed yesterday, it's failure was total, not just slowness. Seems unlikely to have been my stalling problem.
    Could Opera Turbo have been my problem?

  • Ehhhmmm, activated Opera Turbo can be a problem on some sites. But why do you need Opera Turbo at home? Do you have no flatrate for Internet access?