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Opera keeps giving "This web page is not available"

  • Hi everyone, I'm on Windows 8.1 and using Opera 26; the problem is it's keeping on giving me the message "This web page is not available - the web page ... could be temporarily not reachable or it could have changed address": this's been happening for the last few days both with bookmarked websites and google results: is anyone able to tell me what's going on?

  • Could you post the URL here for others to try? Also, are you able to use another browser on the same computer to successfully visit the site? There are a lot of possible reasons for such a message, ranging all the way from the site-server being down to a problem in the dns lookup used by your system for getting the site's IP to a problem in the OS (hosts file blocking, etc) to a problem in the browser.

  • Hi blackbird71, nice to meet you and thank you for your kind and quick answer! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry, I forgot to say that with my favourite Internet browser, Firefox, everything works just fine, so it is a problem with Opera specifically.
    I paste below one of the errors I get everytime, by instance, I try to open one of my favourite websites:

    "Questa pagina web non รจ disponibile

    La pagina web potrebbe essere temporaneamente non raggiungibile o potrebbe aver cambiato indirizzo."

    I know it is in Italian, but the message just says what I reported in my first post.
    This occurs also when I go on Google to make a search or when I go on Yahoo! news to read an article: I can reach these websites (on Google I see the result of my search, and on Yahoo! I see the previews of the articles), but when I go either on a Google search result or a Yahoo! article I get the same message I pasted above (obviously with a different Url).

  • Hello? Anybody there?

  • Do you have Opera Turbo enabled? If so, disable it. Also make sure your don;t have some weird proxy settings or firewall settings causing issues.

  • @lando242 thank you so much!!! I just switched off Opera Turbo and everything started working fine! ^___^