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Opera consumes too much CPU in Windows XP

  • Especially when playing Youtube videos. Is anyone else experiencing this? One reason I stuck with 12.17 is b/c it uses less sys resources...

  • Chromes are resource-angry bloatware.

  • Its a 14 year old OS. That means your computer is somewhere around 8-10 years old at least. Thats like asking your granny to run a 4 minute mile and then being disappointed when her time isn't up to standard. You're gonna have to update to a computer made sometime in the last few years if you want to use software from the same era.

  • Excuse me? The latest Firefox runs on this "ancient OS" just fine. It's only when I fire up O26 that my CPU fan starts blowing like crazy and my laptop surface starts turning into a hot plate. Me thinks this Chromium engine is to blame...

  • lando242, stop trolling and insulting users (once again; how many times you need banned here?). Did OP ask about OS choice? No. Did you answer OP question? In no way.

    Back to topic - have your tried Chrome? If that uses that much CPU as Opera, then problem is common to new engine or to common plugins. If Chrome is faster (less resource-hungry), then it probably is some setting on Youtube or problem in browser identification or problem in plugin handling. I personally am using older Opera for Youtube (on XP, yes); I likely remember seeing some topics here on forums about the same issue - maybe you can find these and read, what other users suggest.

  • Problem I have is that youtube is slow but also Version 12 on XP has stopped going into any site with security - just comes back and says the signature is out of date or something...

    We seem to be going backwards? (and bookmarks dont work on later versions so am stuck

    will try uninstalling Opera and re-installing to see if it has any effect


  • Actually, I shouldn't be so harsh. On the same machine that O26 heats up in XP, I'm finding it doesn't in Win7 (I dual boot XP/7 on this machine).

    As such, I currently dual O12.17 + FF35 in XP. But in Win7, I dual O12.17 + O26.

    Tells me FF has advantage over Opera where non-NT kernel +6.x OS is concerned.

  • Windows XP was based on Windows NT. It was Windows NT 5.1. Windows 2000 was NT 5.0. Windows ME was the last "Classic" Version of Windows.

  • non-NT kernel +6.x OS doesn't necessarily mean Windows-only OS. Know why FF is the 2nd most used browser in the world currently?

  • Problem I have is that ... also Version 12 on XP has stopped going into any site with security - just comes back and says the signature is out of date or something...
    We seem to be going backwards? ...

    We're not so much going backwards as the Internet and current reality are moving onward, but Opera 12 remains a browser frozen in time... so it's not moving anywhere. Communications with a secure site require a number of things to line up correctly: acceptable secure communications protocols, acceptable signed key certificates for the site accessible by the browser from its own computer and current with both the comm protocol and the specified encryption method(s) offered by the site, the specified encryption method(s) available via the browser, and no hiccups occurring in any of the handshaking necessary to set it all up when a site is visited. However, acceptable communications protocols change in response to both emerging exploits and progress in standards; certificates change for a variety of reasons; encryption methods evolve with the passage of time. As time goes by, it will be harder and harder for an unchanging Opera 12 to stay current with the demands of secure sites.