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Never save history (without private window) in Opera 26

  • Hi folks,

    How can we configure Opera 26 to never record browser history, but still save recent tabs during a current session?

    I know that using a Private Window stops history from being saved, but recent tabs are then also not saved - which is not an acceptable trade-off, for my usage at least. In prior versions of Opera, there was the option to choose how many history entries should be saved - and we could choose '0' to ensure that history wasn't saved. The only way I've been able to figure out how to ensure history is not saved is to use a Private Window, but a) there is the aforementioned problem with that also not saving recent tabs, and b) even if that weren't a problem, there doesn't seem to be an automatic way to always use a Private Window.

    Is this no longer an option? I'm working hard to be open-minded about the many changes that came with Opera 26, but this seems like a pretty basic setting that should be available. Have I just missed how to do this?

    I know there is an extension that is supposed to be able to turn history recording on and off (, but sharing all of your browsing history with an extension in order to delete it also doesn't make a lot of sense.

    I know I can manually delete the history at the end of every session, but that really shouldn't be necessary/there's no way that's an acceptable alternative to just having a setting to not save history. Even an option to auto-delete history on exit, maybe?

    Thanks for any thoughts or help that you have.

  • There is a suggestions area that you can ask them to add the feature to the browser. Based on how often its posted here they most certainly already know that people want it though.