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Fast Forward Feature

  • I don't understand how this feature could not be useful. ... With the fast forward feature you can move from to the next one in one click. ... Very useful.

    I don't think its basic usefulness is in dispute, only whether it's sufficiently 'useful' to enough users to make its code design and continuing support through future redesigns worth the effort, in the sole opinion of the browser developers. There are a variety of browser features that are extremely useful to certain folks in certain browsing patterns, but aren't included into a given browser design because the developers believe the effort is not worth the overall reward in terms of which users they're attempting to focus their design upon. Including any feature into a browser requires coding and debugging, especially considering the possible negative interactions with other features, present and future. Plus it usually adds to the 'weight' of the browser: its code size, RAM requirements, and operating speed.

    At the end of the day, a user has several paths to choose from: politely point out a feature's need to the developers (which you and some others have done) and accept their decision, use a browser extension or plug-in that adds the feature, or choose another browser that includes the feature.

  • Is there an browser extension or plug-in that I can adapt. I successfully added the 'sessions' extension.

  • Is there an browser extension or plug-in that I can adapt?

  • Well. From the Opera addons website, you can install the 'Download Chrome Extension' which enables installing Chrome extensions in Opera, and then install the Chrome FastForward extension from the Chrome Store (remember to enable it from the extensions manager after installation). It is not guaranteed to work as a third-party extension and personally I would not recommend it, but you can give it a try and check for yourself if it works for you.

  • Is there an browser extension or plug-in that I can adapt?

    That adds a fast forward feature? Not that I know of. I'd have to search for one just like you would.

  • The extensions says that it will do the following, what exactly does that mean?

    This extension will access your data on some websites.
    This extension will manage your extensions.
    This extension will access your tabs and browsing activity.

    What does it do with the accessed data?

  • I also discovered that:

    The extension "FastForward" was added from outside the official add-ons website. It will require the following permissions:
    Read your browsing history [tabs]
    Access your data on all websites [http:///, https:///]
    Do you confirm the installation?

    What does it do with the accessed data and why???? Is my data being uploaded somewhere?

  • How much privacy and anninimity do I have with Opera?

  • I enabled it, so how do I use it? Where is the fast forward icon?

  • If Opera didn't write the extension then you will need to talk to the author of the extension to get support for it, not here. This is just for Opera products like the web browser and the email application. You get support for extensions from whomever wrote them.

  • If Opera did write, then how do I talk to the author?

  • Opera didn't write it. Go to where you downloaded the extension from and contact that author to find out their privacy policy or why they're needing those permissions.

  • how do I talk to the author?

    Commenting on the extension's page may help.

  • What does it do with the accessed data and why????

    Fast Forward most probably, since it would be kinda difficult to do it without knowning and reading the page you are in.

  • Its been a while since I last checked this forum. Maybe there are some new developments. Anything new with the Fast Forward feature?

  • Anything new with the Fast Forward feature?


  • That?

    For pictures: Greased Lightbox

  • I can't get it to work on Opera. How do I get it to work without going through any pre setup stuff?

  • I can't get it to work on Opera.

    What would be it? If you mean fast forward, Opera doesn't have it.

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