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How do I change default search to Bing?

  • I can't find any way to change the default search to Bing.

    I prefer bing but for some reason Opera is the only browser that doesn't seem to recognise the fact that Bing exists.

  • You can't change it permanently.

  • Wow. That's just stupid.

    Looks like I wont be using Opera then. Shame as it's a good browser otherwise.

    Thanks for replying though.

  • Did you read
    May be it helps and makes you happy.

  • Thanks.

    I done what it said in the thread and got bing back.

    I don't like their reason for dropping bing though. Why not just add Duckduckgo and keep bing?

    In any case if I lose bing again next time opera updates I will have to uninstall as I don't see why anyone should have to jump through hoops to get their preferred search engine as default.

    All other main browsers let you set bing as default. Even google chrome allows it so not sure why Opera sees fit to try and dictate what search I can use.

  • ... I don't like their reason for dropping bing though. Why not just add Duckduckgo and keep bing? ...

    It's only a guess, but perhaps there's currently some kind of coding/programmatic limit on how many engines can occupy their default search-engine list? I do know that things like this, especially those which raise so many user complaints, aren't done by programmers just by whim in some kind of a vacuum...

  • Maybe but if thats the reason then they should have removed the wikipedia search considering wikipedia results always come up in bing and google searches anyway.

  • Yes, other browsers do this or that... Opera should not make its own decisions, ok, they should follow Microsoft, KDE, Apple or Mozilla features.
    But then you can use Safari, FireFox or Internet Explorer. 😉

    May be they got payed/have contracts which search engine they implement. I dont really know.

  • Yeah it probably is down to money rather that some programming/coding limit

    But I very much doubt that microsoft pays google to have Bing as an option for default search in chrome. Google probably loses out when someone makes bing the default. But rather than restrict it they allow you to use bing if you want.

    Also there is the fact that there is no way that wikipedia pays opera anything so if opera can have wikipedia as an option they should have kept bing. Or at least made it a lot easier to add bing ourselves without having to edit .json files or whatever else needs editing

  • Duplicate thread. Closing...