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Bing as Default Search Engine in Opera 26

  • Opera updated today to v.26. I have been using Bing as my default search engine for a long time, but after today's update, it defaulted back to Google. No problem; I'll just go into the settings and change it back. I can't do that anymore because Bing is no longer a default option.

    After some searching, I came across a possible solution by altering the defaultpartnercontent.json file extension in the Opera folder to .jsox, as referenced here:

    That didn't do anything except make Google the ONLY default search I can use.

    Is there any way with v.26 that I can make Bing my default search again so I don't have to type "b[SPACE](search query)"?

  • I have the same question/problem. To me, it makes no sense that they'd take out Bing, an internet search engine, but leave Amazon and Wikipedia when all they do is search their own websites.

  • I'm having the same issue... They removed Bing from the possible Default search engines..
    Any way to hack it to make it work with bing? or remove google at all?

  • Same problem I have.I WANT BING!

  • They swapped Bing with DuckDuckGo. But I really can't tell why.
    I don't get that either-or-mentality Opera has lately.

  • I can add Bing to the "Other Search Engines" list but cannot make it the default. Why was Bing removed as an option? I do not want the other choices and will look for another browser if this is not changed

  • Same issue here, of course. After the update, I find that the search engine I chose to use has been removed, and even when I copy the settings from Opera 12 to bring it back, it's not possible to set it as default. Because apparently Opera has decided for me that I should use another search engine. Not going to happen.

    I've already been hesitant enough to upgrade to the newer Opera because several of the design changes frustrate me compared to Opera 12. I clung to version 12 for as long as I could, and finally just recently broke down and installed Opera 25 for better compatibility with certain things. Now one update later and another feature I use is removed.

    So I'm pretty much done with this. I was already hesitant enough to switch to the new Opera, but if they don't add an option to make a custom search engine your default, then I'm just going to give up on this and move to Seamonkey or Pale Moon. While still keeping Opera 12.17 around as long as I can.

  • Hokays. I solved this. It appears that they removed Bing from the default_partner_content.json file between 26.0.1656.24 and 26.0.1656.32

    here is an older version of that file, pulled from my 26.0.1656.24 files. Replace the file in the Opera\26.0.1656.32\resources\ folder, and voila, problem solved! If you still have the 26.0.1656.24 folder in your Opera installation, you can just copy that one. Download mine if your folder already got removed.

  • Another example of Google taking over the world?
    I like the new opera very much, but I am going to uninstall it because it has removed my freedom to choose Bing, or many others, as my default search engine.
    Shame on you.

  • Thanks for sharing @candytaco.
    I'll follow up this issue internally and won't stop unless

    1. Bing is back in default list
    2. There's a way to make custom search engines default or
    3. There is an explanation as to why this has been done and why it can't be brought back

    Promised. (Don't question this if I'm not right back with you. Things sometimes take a bit longer... :wait:)

  • Glad I'm not the only one who takes issue with this.

    So thanks for following up with this internally, christoph!

    And thank you for the in-the-mean-time fix, candytaco!

  • This is the very reason why I logged in for the first time in a year or more. Please, stop with the small steps forward and massive steps backwards thing.

  • There's a way to make custom search engines default

    I don't believe that will change. What would be useful is put a configuration to change the search engine of speed dial search bar hided by Konami code.

  • Thanks for that, candytaco. That's enough to keep me from uninstalling for the moment, at least.

  • Thanks candytaco!

  • The defaultpartnercontent swap worked for me! It still is strange for Bing to just get dropped off like that without any explanation, though. I assume it was a fluke, but who knows?

  • I believe they dropped Bing because it was doing browser sniffing.

  • I believe they dropped Bing because it was doing browser sniffing.

    Most sites/services browser-sniff to some extent - that's how they usually tailor a page display to fit a browser brand/version's unique behavior. It's only when a site does something unacceptable with the sniffing that it would matter.

  • I believe they dropped Bing because it was doing browser sniffing.

    Heh, definitely not. It wasn't even near a major issue.

    My hypothesis: the Bing search engine inclusion deal Opera Software had with Microsoft just expired and MS decided to not renew or pay the value Opera was asking for it. Opera then replaced it with DuckDuckGo either because they made a deal with them or by "philanthropy".

  • Adding my name to the list of Opera users wishing to set Bing as the default search engine. Thank you.