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Unable to browse using Opera 26 except in private mode.

  • Hey, all,
    I'm running Opera 26 on Window 8 64 bit. I've been using it for a some time and it abruptly stopped being able to browse a few days ago. All other browsers work just fine. I'm posting this from Chrome. I've done a bit of troubleshooting to see if I could get it to resume normal operation but none of it has worked.

    I've done the usual Internet Explorer type troubleshooting such as clearing the cache, etc. I've tried opening up new windows and so on and that doesn't work either. However, interestingly enough, InPrivate browsing works just fine. My next step may be to reinstall Opera but I thought I would ask the forum if there are any steps I can take prior to doing that. And if I need to reinstall Opera, is there a way I can save my settings? Perhaps a folder in the Appdata? I've done a lot of work to get my bookmarks into Opera since some of the bookmark import tools wouldn't work for me.

    Any help you can provide is appreciated.

  • You haven't enabled 'Opera Turbo' by accident by any chance ?. It's the fifth option up from the bottom of the main menu.

    Or maybe you have installed an extension recently that is causing this behaviour ?. Try disabling all extensions and restart Opera and see if it makes any difference.

  • Presto! (pun intended) It works! Thanks for the assist @linuxmint7.

    That seems to have worked. Are the Turbo servers down? Is that common? I live in Alaska and while I don't always need Turbo, it's helpful if I'm out on work, say above the Arctic Circle, where connectivity isn't as good as in metro areas.

    Thanks again.