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Major annoyance from minor thing - tabs don't go to top of screen. (Bad UI)

  • I'm close to switching over to Opera now that the beta can import my bookmarks, but I've discovered one INCREDIBLY ANNOYING thing. The tabs don't reach all the way to the top of the screen!
    So EVERY TIME I try to click a tab it doesn't register.
    This seems to break basic UI rules that have been around for decades. When making mouse hotspots you want to make them as big as possible so users can easily hit them, or butt them up against the edge of the screen (which makes them easier to hit and therefore effectively bigger)

    I don't mind the theme style, I actually quite like it. I wouldn't mind if the tabs kept their current LOOK of having a 2 pixel line above them.. but the tab hotspot should extend to the top of the screen.

    It sounds like such a tiny thing, but it'd be such a huge improvement if you could fix it!

  • Settings -> Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximized :drunk:

  • Awesome. Thanks you very much.

    It's such a small specific thing that it never occurred to me that there would be an option for it. The fact the option exists implies they're aware of the issue. Strange that it's an option not a fix.

    NB/ If anyone else is reading this, you need to turn on advanced settings at the bottom of the settings screen to make that option visible.

  • It's actually a feature, not a bug. You can use it to easily move the window around screens or snap it to one side of the screen even though the tab-bar is full of tabs. Otherwise you'd have to look for very small remaining areas (below menu button or below min/max/close-buttons) to drag the window.
    But that's a matter of taste - hence the option to chose.