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  • Ctrl+F (Opera - Page - Find on page) Opera 28.0.1719.0 crach.
    Windows 8.1 x64

    Reported it now, bug DNA-3203

    Sorry but you just waisted your time as it is a listed known issue. 🙂

  • LOL, indeed. I've read only the Full changelog, but it's few lines before it on the blog lol

  • LOL, indeed. I've read only the Full changelog, but it's few lines before it on the blog lol

    And also in this thread. 🙂

  • Ctrl+F (Opera - Page - Find on page) Opera 28.0.1719.0 crach. Windows 8.1 x64

    windows 7 (x64) too

  • Ctrl+F (Opera - Page - Find on page) Opera 28.0.1719.0 crach. Windows 8.1 x64
    windows 7 (x64) too

    Read the topic please.

  • @gt15121971 As you can read at blog the Ctrl F crash is wellknown issue for the developers of this DEV version! 😉

    We dont need confirms anymore.

  • The first Opera developer 28.0.1738.0 in 2015, the change log, and the official announcement 😉


    - Highly compressed packages: by switching to a different compression format, we have decreased the file size for autoupdates and network installations by a quarter! If you use the latest network installer you will benefit right away. Those using autoupdate should get the benefits from the next build onwards.

    - Improved full screen: in full screen mode on Mac, the menu bar will no longer slide down on top of your tab bar. Previously, the menu bar would slide down on top of the tab bar when you moved the cursor to the top of the screen. All toolbars and the menu bar can now be visible at the same time.

    - Bookmarks menu improvements for everyone: this is not strictly new for this build but rather something I forgot to mention last time. We have changed the behavior of our bookmarks (heart) menu with regards to folders. We now list the seven most recently used folders, even if they are deeply nested. Previously we displayed the top level folders. We are still experimenting around this area and would be grateful to hear what you think of this change. Do you like or dislike it and why?

    - DNA-31863 [Win] [Linux] Crash on inline find ☣ (fixed)

    Happy New Year! :drunk: :chef: :yes:

  • Dev 28.0.1719.0 does not insert stored logindata into login popdown of pages on same domain running Basic Authentication.
    Worked in Opera 27 DEV.
    Reported as Bug DNA-31907

    Seems to be fixed in DEV 28.0.1738.0

  • I don't care what compression is used ! All I want is a browser that is fast and flexible in terms of customization, use less memory and release it fast when the browser is closed.

    Since release 15.xxxx on wards there have been 12 full releases, yet there is no comfort level and I don't know if I will ever get comfortable with this chrome bloat-ware !

  • Opera dev 28.0.1738.0 crashes when i lanch the command print.
    pls fixing

  • I can confirm that Ctrl P crashes Opera 28 😞

    Will be fixed in next Dev i think.

  • New build of the Opera developer 28.0.1745.0, the change log, and the official announcement ☕ \m/ :cheers:

    Bookmark improvements: suggestions have been enabled in Address Bar drop-down, making it even easier to locate a page your have bookmarked previously. We have also improved the interaction when dragging between the bookmarks bar and bookmarks manager. Perhaps best of all we have added the frequently requested “Remove” button to the bookmark popup.

    However, before you get too excited about that last one, I should mention that it is not quite ready yet. Currently when you click it, the first time it moves the item to the trash but the heart icon does not update. Clicking “Remove” again actually deletes the bookmark and the icon then updates. Don’t worry, we will fix it!

    We also added “vibrancy” to the bookmark popup, for users of MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite).

    Sync: We are continuing to work on sync, in both the browser and our sync servers. We noticed a few people having issues connecting to the Don’t worry we’re aware and are looking into it!

    As with the bookmark popup, the sync menu also gained “vibrancy” support on MacOS 10.10.

    New bundled themes: it felt like a good time to update the bundled themes, so that you can have a fresh, new look for your start page. We hope you like them!

    Known issues:

    - For some users the folder selection in the bookmark popup is empty

    - Using the “Remove” button in the bookmark popup does not update the heart icon

    - Sync is not working for people connecting via

  • how about bringing the Homepage button/icon back!!!

  • Hi @estoick65, for that purpose you can install the "Homepage in New Tab" extension, right click the extension button on the toolbar, and click "Options", and then type your Homepage URL. You can also tick the checkbox on the left of the "Reuse current tab" option, then press "SAVE" button 😉

  • New build for the Opera developer 28.0.1747.0, the change log, and the official announcement :chef: ☕ \m/ :cheers:


    - 30+ further fixes

    - DNA-32544 Show all root level folders

    - DNA-32598 Disable red-Heart when bookmark is in trash

    - DNA-32651 Unable to Select Items by Clicking and Dragging from Bottom Up ☣ (fixed)
    - DNA-32695 [Win][Linux] Custom search engines do not show up when experimental-addressbar is enabled
    - DNA-32697 Add Linux as a supported platform for the experimental address field flag
    - DNA-32700 [Mac] Vibrancy in the address bar dropdown
    - Enable #address-dropdown-vibrancy flag on developer

  • Update: known issue - Opera crashes on startup for users of MacOS X 10.7 and 10.8, and here is a workaround 😉

  • The above issue has been fixed in the new update 28.0.1747.1 (for Mac only):

    • DNA-32861 [Mac 10.7, 10.8] Crash loop on starting Opera with experimental address bar enabled.

    The blog post on this update.

  • New build for the Opera developer: 28.0.1750.5, and the change log 😉

  • Is there a location on a portable installation that I can put the pepperflash plugin where it'll be read? I'd like to avoid pointing to it by the command line if at all possible.

  • Hi @cyberrufus, there's no need to use the "--ppapi-flash-path" switch, anymore. The Opera should detect, that you have the Flash plug-in installed - it detects it here, without any problem on Windows XP/7, and on Linux as well 😉