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  • I recently got a new computer, with Windows8, and downloaded Opera 12.16. There appeared to be some incompatibility, and I switched to Chrome. (My previous computer had had WindowsXP and Opera 12)

    I had enabled Opera-Link, which helped me transfer Mail and Bookmarks. But it did not transfer my Contacts; they are still in my Opera browser, in an .adr file. I am now getting my mail through Fastmail on Chrome, but cannot access my Contacts for composing and sending.

  • You should have downloaded current Opera version (26) instead...

  • Try this page, written by a (former? current?) Opera employee, which will allow you to convert your contacts.adr file to one of the more standard database formats.

  • I followed Hallvord's advice, but wound up with a long regular text list of my many contacts, which I saved in a .docx document.

    Now, How can I convert that .docx list into a computer-usable file that will allow me to click on a specific name to open 'Compose'?

  • Computer-usable? You want it usable by Fastmail, not on your own computer. What does their Import option support?

    (For most services, CSV - comma-seperated values - is a better choice; it sounds like you picked Tab-delimited.)

  • please explain CVS: how do I pick CVS, and how and where did I pick Tab-limited?

    And what is the consequence - and advantage - of picking either one?

  • See ...

    Select your output format:
    Comma-separated OperaMail-compatible headers

    (That's in item 2 on the page.)

    As there's that checkbox in the second option for "OperaMail-compatible headers", you probably want that as well.

  • I'm sorry I'm dense. You say 'See...' - see what? Where do I find 'Output Format'?

    As I said earlier, I'm not tech-savvy, but I am eager to learn!

    Thank you for your patience.

  • On that page above, of course. And when you save the file, use the extension ".csv".