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Looking For An Extension/Add-On Like Tab Vault For New Opera

  • I LOVE Tab Vault, but it only works in Opera 11 and 12, is there some kind of add-on that allows me with one click to save a web page for later viewing without having to go through the more complicated process of adding a bookmark.


  • So you want to make a bookmark without having to make a bookmark? I can't think of a way that is simpler than clicking the heart to the right of the address bar once. That said, you might look into Session Buddy though. Its a Chrome extension that can be added to Opera using the 'Download Chrome Extension'. It allows you to save every open tab in your web browser and open them later either a single tab to a window at a time. Very handy. Similar to sessions from older versions of Opera.

  • If you right click at the top, on or off a tab you will see an item in the menu that comes up, "Save tabs as Speed Dial folder".

    That will placed all of your tabs (including pinned ones) to a folder on the Speed Dial page.

  • Ok, so I click on the heart icon, and then just WHERE is that saved bookmark found for me to go back to it tomorrow?? I have to then navigate to the unsorted bookmarks folder to get it. With an extension like Tab Vault, I simply click on the Tab Vault icon, and there are ALL of my saved bookmarks that I do NOT want placed in ANY bookmark folder.

    This is the trouble with Opera New, every new item you have to go hunting for it.

  • Actually a MUCH better Google extension for saving bookmarks you intyend to delete after reading the page later is Recent Bookmarks. This simply accesses your unsorted bookmarks folder directly from clicking on the extension, allows you open whatever bookmark you added (using the heart icon) and also to deletes it without having to go to your unsorted bookmark folder.

  • So you don't have your bookmarks bar enabled? Enable it. Now you can ether hit the plus symbol on the left side of the bookmarks bar or you can hit the heart and change its destination to the bookmarks bar. Need to delete an item from the bookmarks bar? Right click it and hit delete.

  • It IS enabled. Trouble with the + sign to the left of my Bookmark bar is that it places the new (later to be deleted) bookmark on the Bookmark Bar....sometimes I have 25 sites I want to visit later that week and it will just clutter up the bar.

    When I bookmark a site I am going to look at later (temporary) I just want it to go to ONE place that I can access it with one click

    Recent Bookmarks extension does exactly what I want, pretty much like Tab Vault from OP 12

  • The trouble with "Recent Bookmarks" is that it lists ALL of your recent bookmarks, where as in Tab Vault the only ones that got placed in there are the ones you want to be temporary. I add bookmarks all the time, some are for reading later and then deleted; other I want to have forever...and these I do not want listed in the "Recent Bookmarks" extension.

    Hold on, I found one, called Temporary Bookmarks, works just like Tab Vault, perfect