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Address bar text is feint. How can I show it normal?

  • I thought this was possible but I've searched config and Opera help and googled without success for the following problem:

    The address in the Address bar is feint except for the domain and very hard to read. How can I show it all in normal?

    Thanks for any help.

  • The correct spelling is "faint," but I don't think you can change it. F8 will focus the address field and highlight the text, making it easier to read.

  • Well yes, in the general sense of 'lacking brightness' but 'feint' is the term specific to font display.

    Anyway, thanks. Seems odd though to have the address deliberately faded so it's harder to read without any option for the millions of sight-impaired people of the world. F8 does help a bit but choices like bold domain, feint for the parameters, would be good.

  • They said they'll add some options at some point in the future. I also brought to their attention the fact that it works horribly with anything but standard color schemes, which I imagine will be fixed but that'll take longer.

  • Originally posted by Fidcal:

    Well yes, in the general sense of 'lacking brightness' but 'feint' is the term specific to font display.

    That's news to me — better tell the Oxford Dictionary to update their definition. 🙂

    This is not a new issue to Opera Blink. There were long threads about it when it was first introduced. In Opera 11.64 the address field looks like this:

  • I didn't realize that the address was so light. Being at the top of the screen, it looks darker on a crap LCD screen with limited viewing angle, when viewed from below. They often speak of adaptation around here. What an excellent way to turn a defect to one's advantage.

    They should add a checkbox to make color coding of the URL bar optional. Couldn't be that hard. Well, maybe it is, since they first have to create an actual Settings dialog.

  • The main difference is that in Opera 11.64 I can select a bigger toolbar font, but I don't think there's much difference between the defaults for Old and New Opera. Old version is on top: