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How to make Opera custom button without using make button webpage

  • Is it correct ?


    Shouldn't it be two slashes after "opera:"?


  • The button codes on the Wiki have only one slash there, such as


    Maybe "Go to web address" - or just pasting it into the address bar - isn't acceptable.

  • Hi,

    If opera:/button/..................

    I want a button of my frequently use email address such as myfriend@mailcom

    How this button I can make ? ( and if this button will function correctly so that once I click it will insert in the To: Field ? )

    Thank you very much.

  • Easiest way to do that is with a mailto: URL ... you know, in Opera 12 if you click on a link mailto:someone@mailhost.whatever it'll open a Compose tab with the To: field filled in already.

  • Thanks & I have just done it ...............


    This custom button came up but say external action & I put it in my button.

    I open M2, compose , click this button...................... nothing happen & not insert in the cc: field ( I click the button during in cc'ed field )

    Any workaround ?

    Thannk you very much.

  • A: Try opera:/button/Go%20to%20URL,""

    B: A button which would insert a name in either the To or CC field would be Insert,"text" - but it would only work if focus was already there. Easier to just click To or CC and pick it from the list.

  • Thanks !

    Unfortunate above not work .

    I then tried : opera:/button/insert%20""

    When I am in M2 in the to: field, click this button, it inserted only in the mail body in stead of I am in the To Field when I click that.

    Thank you very much.

  • Buttons can take focus away from the field, you may need to add a delay first to allow focus to pass back to the text field.

    Delay, 10 & Insert, ""

    To make it into a URL, change all the spaces to %20 and add the opera:/button/ at the beginning.

  • Thank you & works PREFECTLY !


    Now the button name have assigned itself say " Delay "

    How to change to a custom name if I want to call this button: " my friend " ?

    Thanks again to your time


  • opera:/button/Delay,10,,My%20friend&Insert,

  • Bingo g00g00 !!

    Thank you very much.

  • Sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,, QUESTION............

    Why need an extra comma after the 10 ,, ?


    Thank you

  • The name for the button has to be on the first action (before the &) but for Opera to know what it is there must be 3 commas before it (the first one between Insert and the text to be inserted, then the other two.)

  • Thanks to all of you to your time.................

    Now I am able to up and run making lots of powerful thing in Opera v.11.xx using custom button. !

    YEAH !


  • Hi

    New question...............

    I am ok to make button and how to make a button with more than 1 function ?

    II have see in M2 panel there is a button like ' Forward & re-direct ' .

    How this button made ? ( so that I can copy the concept to make my own multi function button with dropdown like this)

    Thank you very much.

  • The button has a menu, by either long-clicking or dragging down you can show the menu (or by carefully clicking the little arrow, if present).

    If you write a button with a + in it, the actions after the + will only be performed after a long click or a drag down. Standard buttons will follow that with Show popup menu, "menu name" or with Show hidden popup menu (no arrow), though Pesala was known for buttons that had other actions after the +.

  • Thanks & how I am to add the a+ if I am to make a multi function Opera button:

    item= insert, "Thank you very much. Best regards, Sales team"

    item= insert, "Thank you very much. Best regards, CS team"

    item= insert, "Thank you very much. Best regards, Account dept."

    How I am to put above 3 to the below command with A+ ?

    opera:/button/ ......,,"......."

    Thank you very much.

  • sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,, if anyone knows the tech to make this multi function dropdown button..........

    Thank you very much

  • I still can't figure out how to make this multi function dropdown button................

    I can make button for single function but want to save space with a button with 3 to 4 multi functions.

    Thank you very much.


    Opera v.xx

    I have 2 USB standalone version installed onto the same Window 8 system

    ( Opera A & Opera B using the same installation .exe file )

    I am fine to make button with Opera A by paste & go the make button command just onto the address bar.

    But on Opera B , not accept. When paste & go onto address bar the make button commaand

    Error say:

    Invalid address

    Check that the address is spelled correctly, or try searching for the site.

    Search with Google

    My button is like this ( which is accepted in Opera copy A ) opera:/button/delay,10,,S-E-N-D&Delay,%20600%20&%20Email%20Clear%20Formatting%20&%20Delay,%20200%20&%20Open%20Font%20Dialog%20&%20Dela............etc.

    Why Opera copy B not accepted ? ( I make the button just paste & go onto the address bar )

    I use the same command immediately paste & go in Opera A, it is okay to let me make custom button.

    Hope there is a solution in where in Opera to adjust any setting.

    Thank you very much.

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