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Close & Clean came with a trojan!

  • I downloaded Close & Clean from "singleclickapps" and got the trojan "Radio Canyon" as an added gift...
    Please look into this. It came immediately after this very download and this was on a laptop with a completely fresh Windows 8.1 OS.

  • It was downloaded from the official addons page (

  • Yes, it was. I used the Opera menu and downloaded it from the official site.

  • Have you reported a but via the bug tracker If so please what is the number and I'll ask someone to take a look at the issue.

    P.S. I did have a very quick look and it seems unlikely it was installed with this extension. It contains only two 11k JavaScript files, with nothing (to me) obviously nefarious in them. But give me a bug number and I'll pass it on to someone with more knowledge of these types of issues.

  • Our moderators report they have not found anything in particular when moderating this extension either.

  • Thanks @for_d for following up. I hadn't gotten around to it yet. I was waiting for a bug report.

  • Actually that reminds me of a nice point about using our add-ons site. We have human moderators for submitted extensions.

    There is a nice article from ars technica that touches on these issues. Here are some quotes, to wet your appetite:

    Andreas Bovens, head of developer relations at Opera Software, told Ars in an e-mail that Opera doesn’t “allow extensions that include ads or tracking in content scripts, so extensions that, for example, inject ads inside webpages the user visits are not allowed.”

    Every extension gets a review, and the review team takes special care to suss out the nature of any obfuscated JavaScript code. If some of the code is obfuscated, reviewers ask the developers for the unobfuscated code to look at as well as a link to the obfuscation tool.

  • If you do occasionally install extensions from alternative sites, a nice tool to assist you is Extension source viewer. This will allow you to preview an extension's code before you install it. Obviously you will need some technical knowledge to understand if there are issues.

  • deleted comment...
    after I have actually read AT article 🙂