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Opera 16.0 - Mouse Gestures

  • Originally posted by akujin:

    I can't customize my speed dial background.

    That can be done if you enable Themes in "opera:flags", then right-click on the speed dial to create a new theme. Just select any image from your hard drive.

  • Pesala: Thanks!

    Do you see a way to customize the browser? For instance moving things around and adding buttons (such as the Closed Tabs button) somewhere?

  • GUI Customisation may come later.

  • (Sorry, tried to quote, but the site didn't only asked me over and over again to agree to the terms.)

    Using Opera 17, and Ctrl-Shift-T works for reopening the last closed tab.

  • Originally posted by akujin:

    Who was the genius behind this that thought to destroy all the innovative ideas Opera had? It has less functionality than Chrome or Firefox and even missing some functionality that IE has. This is insane, when it used to have SO MUCH MORE. Seriously, how is this going to help market share?
    "Hey, you guys want a browser that's just like the one you use now but worse? Try Opera!" That's a good sales tactic.

    After getting fed up with Firefox' memory usage I thought it was time to try Opera again after many years, so downloaded version 17. I was flabbergasted at the lack of features! I can't believe it's a modern browser! The android browser is good and fast, but this desktop version is ridiculous.

    I hope I can find some plugins to make it work better, or else I will have to look further...

  • Originally posted by jerry1970:

    asked me over and over again to agree to the terms

    It looks like you didn't read them.

    • Search before you add a new post or thread, to see if the topic has already been covered.
    • Stay on-topic. Don't hijack other people's threads.
    • Read the announcements in each forum, and pay attention to "sticky" threads (the topics that appear before all other topics, and with a drawing pin icon next to them).
  • Originally posted by jerry1970:

    Using Opera 17, and Ctrl-Shift-T works for reopening the last closed tab.

    Sure it does ^^ but like I said, I would also like a Mouse gesture for it, since my keyboard isn't always in reach...

    I still use the damn gesture while I know it isn't working.... I'm actually thinking about going back to version 9 of Opera, when everything was working just fine .... (Well not Adobe and Flash anymore so I cant go back) but you know what I mean

    Can anyone reading this threat notify me (Or just leave a message here) when these updates get pulled through???

    I'd also like to keep this post active to create more awareness of these changes and to allow people to add idea's about mouse gestures...
    and to also notify the people following this post when changes happen 🙂

  • Opera mouse gestures are pretty much the only reason I use opera, specifically the right click + scroll. I won't update until this is added with the same functionality as it has in Opera 12, it's extremely useful for switching between tabs when you have so many open that you can't read the title at the top.

    Opera seems to have been taking steps backwards with the new browsers making them less customizable and basically dumbing down everything to make them more mainstream. Opera used to fill a niche for users who wanted deep sets of options and features with a speedy robust browser but they've abandoned that it seems to go after your everyday IE user and that's alright if a bit disappointing, but the mouse gestures are the one thing I can't do without.

  • New Opera is working better with every release - I'm an Opera user since version 5.

    Please bring back all mouse gestures. I especially miss the great tabbed browsing empowerer: RightClickOnLink + Down => open link in new window.

  • You might have found something already but I was just looking into this issue as well, and found close one in extension.
    It's RMB+Drag Up instead of what used to be, but I guess I'll just have to adjust to it.

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