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  • Okay. I appreciate what you're saying and I can certainly see that a side panel might be useful for those reasons. But I still don't see it as necessary for today's browser. The two most popular browsers (outside IE), Firefox and Google Chrome, do not use side panels. When I used Opera Presto down through the years, I seldom made use of the side panel. For one thing, I never bothered with M2, choosing another email client and eventually opting to go solely with webmail. Rss feeds are fast becoming a thing of the past. I seriously doubt there is much call for this feature anymore. Besides, you can get a Chrome extension for an rss reader from the Google Chrome store. But still... rss in 2014? Here's a quote from Word Press:
    RSS use has declined enormously over the years. It wasn’t widely used in the first place and is now even less popular. Honestly, I think you can use extensions to meet your needs (i.e. Notes to name one) rather than need to rely upon a side panel. I remember when NS came out with a side panel. If my memory serves, SeaMonkey still uses one but the far more popular browser Firefox does not.

    I suppose it boils down to what Opera deems as necessary and what commands priority. And to me, a side panel does not do either. BUT... that's just my opinion.

  • leushino, you are wrong, Firefox has a sidebar, just edit your toolbar and add a "window" like icon. When you click on that icon, a little drop-down menu lets you choose bookmarks and history sidepanels. Or you can use shortcuts, use CTRL+B for bookmarks or CTRL+H, for History. With extensions you can have for example vertical tabs and many more.

    Internet Explorer has Favorites/Feeds/History sidepanels. When you click on the star icon in toolbar, in favorites popup menu on the top-left you can find "Pin the favorites center". And it becomes a sidepanel.

    Safari has one too, just go to View menu, and click "Show sidebar".

    As for RSS, I know it was a bad example, but it is still used, just a lack of good clients made it less popular. I use Thunderbird which has a built in RSS reader.

    Sidepanels are awesome for those who want to browse internet and want to have some sort of tool at hand and best place to place one is the side of the browser. Chromium's API allows us to create extensions that cover a webpage or are in a popup or in a separated window only.

    Seriously why do you oppose sidepanel so much, do you have a 4:3 screen?

  • I don't see the point of them, what-is-this. BUT... there's no point in my being obtuse. If you find it necessary to your use of a browser, then it's fine with me. Why should I object? BTW... I am surprised by the FF option for a sidebar. I knew about the IE history/favorites bar but never bothered with it those few times I opened IE. Thanks for educating me on FF. :cheers:

  • 🙂

  • I have 4:3 screen (5:4 actually), I miss sidepanel too, incl possibility to open/close it by just mouseclick at screen left side. I'm using it (on truOpera of course) not often, but for these few cases it is extremely handy.

    Ability to draw into sidepanel from extensions would be very welcome addition too.

  • Switched to Opera 2x today. Miss the sidepanel real bad. The bookmark bar tries, but it just isn't a replacement. Aside from not having as much room, it keeps covering the screen when you open a folder.

    By all means, put in the option to disable it, but having a collapsible sidepanel was one of my favorite features.

  • I need a sidepanel with Notes and others from O12.

    [mod edit: insult removed; stop that or you'll get banned!]

    I use 2 or 3 16:10 monitors and this feature is very useful to me.
    I will to plan changing to the other browser if this situation doesn't changes.
    On this time I STILL use O12.17 and don't want see the newest version.

    Sorry for my eng.
    Kij wam żyć jeśli tego nie zmienicie.

  • I miss the sidepanel and RSS
    mainly RSS reader, it would help to get updated with some sites i like to follow

  • Extensions are your friend, @ozoratsubasa.

  • @christoph142, please stay on topic. I've seen some movement on chromium-discuss, it looks like some people are interested in a sidepanel for extensions solution. It would be great. Can Opera devs take a look and eventually help?
    and other, which was marked as a duplicate:

  • +side panels



    +bookmarks in side panels (maybe)


    (by the way, not related to this topic, but +password wizard button like opera not chrome)

  • Ow yeah! Our request has been listened.
    Opera devs you are now officially awesome!

  • And there are already extensions for notes, vertical tab navigation, and bookmarks available!

  • I made an extension for vertical tabs, now it's waiting for a review.

  • Now we just have to wait when Tree Style Tab will be ported to Opera

  • And the option to remove top tab bar (which is a bit confusing when we have tabs in a sidebar)

  • If someone wants more sophisticated tree tab manager there is Sidewise plugin for Chrome. I patched it to work with Opera's sidebar. May be glitchy but it works for me. You can download it from my Dropbox. Diff file is included in archive.

  • Can you send patched version to the author? I think he will take those few minutes and will post it here on official extensions page.
    Opera will get more and more popular when sidebar lands to regular release 🙂