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Flash videos can't be interacted after visiting other tabs.

  • Adobe version, Opera version: 26.0.1656.24

    Flash videos including live streams can't be interacted after changing tabs, live videos do have a strange effect causing glitched graphics to appear randomly after visiting other tabs.

  • FLash NPAPI
    Opera 26.0.1656.24
    Win 7 x64

    Yes i can confirm this. Sometimes it helps to click in the video to get access and reaction of to the interface buttons.
    But sometimes the buttons of the video does not react.

  • I was having this problem with the beta and installed the stable version to avoid it, but it only worked until it was updated to 26, so now it's back.

    It happens in videos but also in flash games.
    I can't believe it slipped into the stable version. Not a good sign.

  • Same here. Multitasking with this issue is pretty much impossible. YouTube at least have a workaround, for my case:

    1. Open any video
    2. Change tab
    3. Go back to YouTube tab; Video is unclickable
    4. Scroll down, the video will be clickable again
  • I have this problem not only with the Flash Player plugin, but also with SumatraPDF plugin as well.

  • The problem is fixed in Opera 27 and since Opera 26 is still in beta you can expect to run into bugs. I'd either use the latest stable release or try the dev channel release.

  • The problem is fixed in Opera 27 and since Opera 26 is still in beta you can expect to run into bugs. I'd either use the latest stable release or try the dev channel release.

    The stable release was updated to version 26 automatically:

  • Interesting. I thought they were still on 25. Well, I'm using 27 and the problem is not effecting me but I did have it in version 26 when it was still in testing.

  • Thanks lando, but I for one am not going to install Opera Next at this moment. Now, this problem would not affect many of us if we could decide when to actually update, instead of having the decision hardcoded into opera.exe. Now I wonder, since the apparently un-stable v26 was pushed on us, why not push the apparently stable v27 beta on us as well ? -_o

  • I have been having this issue in my flash games with Opera 26.0 for the last few days as well, it ran fine before for the most part. Now when I tab out of my flash games, I am unable to go back into the flash window and interact with anything within the flash window. I've found that right-clicking in the flash window and opening up "Inspect Element" or changing my Opera from full screen mode to windowed or vice versa enables me to interact within the flash window again until I tab out again. I have always had this tab-out issue come up with my flash games in Opera, but it happened only rarely until recently, and tabbing out used to fix it not worsen it.
    I also noticed that the right-click drop-down menu in the flash window is different when it's being unresponsive: the options are Save As..., Print..., and Inspect Element. When the flash is running and interacting appropriately, the right-click drop-down menu includes: Version Number, Server End, Settings, Global Settings, and About Adobe Flash Player. I am currently using Opera 26.0, OS Windows 8.1. I love Opera for it's speed, as my flash games require speed.
    Per this thread, I'm trying out Opera 27, and it seems to be working for now. I have not yet had the tab-out issue discussed.

  • 26.0.1656.24 Here.
    Same problem.

  • My fix:I normally run in full screen mode. If I reduce it, then maximize it again the controls are available again.

  • I hate to say this, but unless things improve in Opera (like Flash Player not working, impossibility to see the history as sidebar, unhelpful help, etc), I'll abandon Opera for another, more user-freindly browser.
    Pitty, it's one of the few European products that can compete in this field.
    Pls. advise.