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Embedded YouTube videos blocked in Opera 12.16 but not other browsers

  • If I try and play this embedded video in Opera 12.16.....

    .....I get this message: -

    However, if I try and play the same embedded video with any other browser (tested with IE 11, Opera 19 and the latest version of Chrome), it plays just fine and I don't get that message.

    This happens with tons of embedded music videos on forums. Why would this affect 12.16 specifically and not other browsers?

  • It plays for me in Opera 12.16 — maybe something like Adblock stopping it on yours?

  • I use 4 extensions in 12.16, one of which is AdBlock Plus, but the embedded video doesn't play even with all extensions disabled. I always get that "restricted" message.

    In Opera 19, I have 3 extensions installed (3 of the 4 I use in Opera 12.16) including AdBlock Plus and the embedded video plays just fine, even with the extensions enabled.

    It could be that it plays for you because of the country you're in, as some of these blocks are region-specific. I'm in the UK.

  • Originally posted by funksoulbro:

    It could be that it plays for you because of the country you're in, as some of these blocks are region-specific. I'm in the UK.

    Me too. Maybe it works for me because I have good kamma 🙂

    Or, maybe it's to do with the HTML 5 player version?

  • I, too, have Opera 12.16, build 1860, with Adobe Flash Player 12.00.43. This is supposed to be the correct version to work with Opera. I can see YouTube videos, but not hear them, within Facebook. This is extremely annoying. It started when Adobe said I had to upgrade to the latest version of Flash Player. YouTube works fine withing Facebook under Internet Explorer 9 x64. I would appreciate it if an Opera Guru would solve this problem for us.

  • I've resolved my issue. After starting this thread I realised that I had my dad's laptop here and he also runs Opera 12.16. I tried playing the embedded video on his computer and it worked, as did the other embedded videos that I've been having a problem with. So, I backed up my bookmarks, speed dial settings etc. and did a completely fresh install of Opera. Even though I am back to where I was before, with the same settings and same extensions etc., the embedded videos now play on my PC too. I have no idea what caused the issue and nothing I tried, outside of a full uninstall/reinstall would fix it.

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