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  • Frequently, while browsing the web, I encounter a problem. I may be in a forum and click on a link. Instead of quickly entering the site, the circle thing freezes and the new site does not come up. I get no warning or advice that it's taking too long. After about 30 seconds, my entire screen freezes. No matter what keys I hit, nothing happens.

    I have to manually turn off the computer and go through the entire startup again.

    I've tried following the instruction for setting the time it takes to connect but the instructions don't match the version of Opera that I'm using.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

  • If it is nuOpera, it may be a CPU/memory consumption issue.
    What Opera is it?

  • Same thing happens for me recently, every time I launch Opera. The entire PC freezes for 2-3 minutes.
    Opera Version 12.17
    Windows 7

    Any suggestions?

  • Try clearing the browsers cache.

    Oh, and how many tabs do you have opened when Opera is starting up, and do any of them contain flash of some sort ?.

  • Clear cache (as already said) and configure your antivirus not to scan Opera cache (if possible). For O12 this can make quite a difference.

  • configure your antivirus not to scan Opera cache

    That is not recommendable in my opinion. Especially if your antivirus doesn't act as some sort of proxy and scanning these files before forwarding them to the browser. In this case possible exploits won't be stopped, which the antivirus might have found.

  • I've cleared the cache. I've checked the hardware and software and even have a new modem.

    It continues to freeze. I have no problems using IE9, so it has to be Opera.

    I'm getting pretty damned tired of having to manually reboot the PC in order to be able to use my computer.