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    1. While navigating through windows explorer I can click "back" button on my mouse or in the toolbar to navigate back to the previous location.
      Now when I'm navigating through bookmarks in Opera I often hit "back" out of habituation and are then brought back to the speeddial page or if BM-manager was opened in a new tab, nothing happens.
      Since bookmarks are either opened in a new tab or you're going there from speeddial, most often there is no previous website one might want to go back to. Thus I'd love to have backward/forward -commands to navigate through bookmarks.

    2. Also, what about accessing bookmark folders via direct url in the style of opera://bookmarks/path_to/desired_folder/.
      This could make it possible to set direct links to often used folders to speeddial or bm-bar and make forward/backward navigation possible. (There are some use-cases where this might be nice to have)

    3. Another suggestion would be to provide an opt-in at bm-manager to "Show this folder in speed-dial". This way users can store collections of bookmarks in one place (bm-manager) and just link to these folders from speed-dial. This might solve the problem of same speeddial icons for pages from the same domain.

    Does anyone agree on one of the points?

  • I do!

  • Yes, i agree to all your suggestions/critic.

  • You can manually add opera:bookmarks in Speed Dial!

  • But not opera:bookmarks/folder1/folder2/bookmark ...

    I would at least like the Back button to work.

  • I forwarded this feature request to devs.
    (It's here for those who have access to it 🆙)