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Opera 25 -- What is the point?

  • If the devs had wanted, they could have stopped the development of Opera; but they didn't. They decided to build a better browser from zero. You are right @cozza :yes:

  • Sorry to point this out but no-one except Opera own their desktop browser (given to us for free) and we certainly don't have any claim or rights to the features of the previous version. Opera can do whatever they like to their browser so stop assuming they owe you as your comment implies.

    But we also don't need to use their browser. Why should we? The current Opera is nothing to get excited about. I can use Chrome/Firefox/IE instead and it's no big difference. The older Opera (<=12) had outstanding features which are missing in the current version. These features were the reason some people preferred Opera. Even simple features/settings from old Opera are missing.

    I tried the current version (25) and it can't even handle a lot of open tabs. I always get memory warnings. It's unusable for me.

  • So don't use it.

  • Opera is getting slower, form data dont work and is a blur and not all websites work, save session to and save to speed dials have disappeared, i dont like the new square speed dials Im switching to chrome - its over with the opera. I only switched to opera since my old machine was slow, been patient long enough but now it seems it going from better to worse.

  • ...this is what happens in open source - everyone dives into become a dev but with no rules or policy people change things here and there and nothing is no longer consistent, im not for FF but they have built themselves a reputation, things are consistent and in line. I once thought chrome was unprofessional but they were still trick or treating but opera should have done better all this time coz chrome got into the game much later than opera

  • But we also don't need to use their browser.

    An therein lies the problem with the Opera Presto 'mourners' - a belief that they NEED it and cannot function without it. All browsers should just be a means to connect with the internet, not a way of life as some seem to make it out to be.

  • So don't use it.

    Did you read his post with understanding?

  • So don't use it.

    Did you read his post with understanding?


  • his is what happens in open source

    Just for info: Opera is not open source.

  • I use a lot of Open Source stuff, nothing wrong with Open Source.