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FEATURE SUGGESTION: Animation for speed dial

  • Had a thought tonight while using the speed dial. There is a small "animation" when you are adding a new site (e.g. Goto Speed Dial page, click on "Add a Site" button, and then click on close. There is a very subtle animation that happens on that window when it is closing. It is very cool.

    What I thought would be awesome would be to add that subtle animation when you are opening a site. Kind of like you are "zooming in" to that site. It wouldn't really be a CPU hit since you can pass that off to the graphics card. And there could always be a preference for it so users could turn it off on slower systems.

    I just thought it was cool and thought it would be a great feature. Thanks!

  • The problem is that what would be zooming towards you would be a blank page. As the page has not yet loaded, we wouldn’t know what it will look like. Also, the small thumbnail or icon doesn’t really scale well.

    Its been thought up, but the technology is not quit there yet to instantly load pages the millisecond the user clicks on it. 🙂

    (But yes, it would be cool.)

  • It could still be blank. Or it could scale a snapshot of the last known screen in cache. If you look at this extension:

    It "kinda" does it. But, not very effectively since it is just using jquery most likely or something similar to mimic the effect. Safari 7 for mac used to have this when coming in and out of the top sites. It was a very nice effect.

    Just something to consider I guess. 🙂