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  • Good day!

    I had a long pause from opera, because of the lack of features, so i kept using the old Version 12 instead.
    Now, it is finally getting closer to a really useable (as in main browser) state with the adition of bookmarks and stuff.

    Still, i think there are a lot of features missing, but that is no secret.


    • There is no way to drag&drop more than 1 bookmark, thus, it is impossible to sort my hundreds of imported bookmarks, apart from investing hours of dragging single bookmarks 1 by 1
    • Also, please get rid of the "my folders" folder. I want a clean bookmark menu and i want it to look as i want it to. I do not want to have to click through another folder just to get to my bookmarks.
    • Please let us decide how the bookmarks are sorted. Right now, some folders appear after bookmarks and then bookmarks follow. that is weird and i can not find a way to change that.
    • Also, let us change the way the bookmark menu unfolds. I would like to have more new menus appear (like in opera 12) instead of only 1 that can be scrolled down. Since that is really slow and can take a good portion of time to get to the bottom if you have a great amount of them.

    ###more feedback###

    • it would be nice to have more feedback from you guys. Please tell us, what you are working on and if you are reading our suggestions/what suggestions you plan to implement soon. It feels a bit useless to post stuff here and not get feedback, even if it is only a few words long. I know you guys are working hard, but after this latest Opera disaster, where you could not use Opera as you main browser, we are a bit worried and would like to read that you care for our concerns.

    ###search engines###

    • Please let us decide what kind of search engine uses which shortcut. I really do not like yahoo to be on "y", because i like to use it for youtube. I really dislike the locked shortcut keys for those search engines. Please refrain from locking certain stuff in the future (bookmark folder, search engines, shortcut keys). We loved Opera because we were able to edit everything that was not like we wanted it. Keep this coming again. Thanks!

    ###shortcut keys###

    • Another thing i really miss is to be able to edit shortcut keys. There is no way to change the shortcut for opening a new tab or what kind of keys i want to use for switching from tab to tab. I really do not know why this was left out, because that was one "selling point" of the opera browser, at least for me. I really miss this "have it your way" thing right now.



    • drag & drop more than 1 bookmark
    • let us delete locked stuff (my folders, search engine shortcuts)
    • bookmark sorting/menu unfolding
    • more feedback from devs (are you listening?)
    • editable shortcut keys

    thanks and best regards!

  • you can select a few bookmarks and use ctrl+x

  • I don't know where to post, but I saw your thread title so I guess there something I can add for the development of opera browser.

    As for you you've been long not to use opera browser, it is for me too. Here I have downloaded the latest version of the opera browser and got very disappointed. I once felt in love in opera because of the great feature: I can save any website I have visited in a single file, called .mht. Then I leave it behind because the more digits added, the slower opera can load in the computer. I don't understand it though, and therefore since then I moved to another smooth yet fast browser called "iron". However, it is suitable only for browsing, as for saving it offline, I still recommend opera browser.

    Today, I have downloaded the latest version of opera browser and hoped that it may become the best ever. Unfortunately, I couldn't find how to save website I visited into single file (.mht), the options available only for "HTML complete" and "HTML only", how is that suppose to be?

    I love opera because of this single file saving, as for other type of saving website, like HTML complete always making a file HTML with a folder containing the scripts and images with identical folder name. Since when you guys the developer of this Opera browser made this much difference? Since when the file saving options .mht been gone? Can you make this options alive again, please?

  • It would be nice to be able to save .url files easily to go to a web page later, like having something in Page/Save As as opposed to having to drag Page Information bar to a folder.

    "more feedback"

    After years in the Opera forums I actually doubt that people who work at Opera actually spend more than a few minutes a year if any time at all looking at the forums.

  • I'm really disappointed in the latest Opera version 25. It was a bit sluggish and slower than the previous version. Hope you guys fixed whatever bugs that made Opera slow in the next version...

  • vjbelide, look into flags (experiments) - at least in betas (I have no stable version here) there is flag for enabling MHTML saving: opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml