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  • Why should anyone choose to use Opera versions 15+ instead of Chromium (or even Chrome)?

    Opera has introduced many issues since then. I found about them in these fora and also around the Internet.

    Opera has ditched most loved features it had until Opera 12.

    Opera turned off some features available in Chromium (like the possibility to turn off sending our data to browser's owner).

    Opera has many basic bugs being discussed and (we imagine) being worked on.

    Opera has gone with its community, and even in this forum I can't make a simple textual form post without turning on javascript (turned off: reloads the same edit page... an ugly thing to happen). I'm glad it still works on Opera 11.

    Opera has improved it's money and popularity. But its true users (the ones who used Opera 12 and many previous versions) are really disappointed with all of this.

    So, making it shorter (or maybe pointing to some hard to find page, as most pages in opera's domain are now): why should one opt to Opera now, instead of Chromium? What makes it unique, more reliable and more desirable, compared to chromium and its engine?

  • Wait till version 125*:rolleyes:*

  • I normally would disagree with this, but if the Experimental Speed Dial, the new default Speed Dial, becomes the Speed Dial of the future for Opera, and they don't keep the classic thumbnail speed dial (at a minimum as an option, but preferably as the default), then Opera Blink would have lost it's way. Don't try to fix something that isn't broke, when there's so much else to work on, ought to be the mantra of Opera Blink developers.

  • Lem, the one thing they've 100% ditched "for good" is the browser configurability. Other things, as people say, can worse or better be achieved with the use of extentions (the question's though - why are they "foreign/alien", i.e. by another corporation, supplied by another corporation and titled to another corporation?).

  • Moderators: I would suggest closing this thread. There are dozens just like it. All the OP has to do is search out the features of Opera 25 and decide for himself without bringing in the tired arguments from 18 months ago.

    @ joshl: stop trolling. :troll:

    1. I was grolling*:P*
    2. I knew this thread was to :rip:, so relax.