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  • Hi guys.

    Just wondering, why is it that some icons on the new speed dial have the website logo/design on it, yet some have the text which is useless for longer website names or multiple versions of a website with different post-slash directories (IE and = they both show up as

    How do you get the icon/tab to use a logo rather than the standard text? Seems random and not at all dependant on the site as my friend has the new opera and has a bbc logo for bbc news, but not for bbc sport. (These are just a few examples of multiple cases)


  • You're seeing the new "experimental" speed dial format, rather than the traditional display that shows thumbnails of the site content with the name underneath, far preferable in my opinion!
    Is there an option to revert to this at the bottom right?

  • Keep thumbnails, please. I get migraines just looking at the icons. It's too much. It's a tech tragedy to see the Opera Speed Dial with folders, losing traction and becoming, as it has, gaudy, childish, empty, when it was once the major selling point for the new Opera. Whether the icons help you distinguish a website or not (and clearly, for the most part, the current ones do not) (and how about if you have two or three landmarks from different pages of the same site) (then the thumbnails are useless to distinguish) (unlike thumbnails which would be usefull still) these icons are candy cane gaudy. Has this all become a new version of the children's place, Candyland. What's the point of having themes/wallpaper to make the dial attractive, when you have an iconic display so loud, nothing else can be seen on the page. Well, maybe with sunglasses the headaches from the glare of the icons would go away.

  • I hope they will add customizations to it.

  • Yes, customization is good. And the whole point of themes and wallpaper was to help the user make the page unique and pleasing for the user. It just doesn't work when Opera sets up these icons that are so loud there's no point to the user's decorating with themes and wallpaper. But I don't object to other customizing options. Even icons are okay in lieu of thumbnails if Opera wants to make it an option. It's just when they call the iconic display in this Experimental Speed Dial the "default," that I get extremely concerned. Default basically suggests that the Experimental Speed Dial is the preferred over the old Classic Speed Dial with Folders. Preferred by whom? Firefox's Super Start is a not bad Speed Dial, and it gives you thumbnails. I'd hate to have to resort to returning to the Fox, but the icon Dial is unusable for me. So I'm counting on Opera -- or rather hoping -- that they keep their thumbnail version. And I'd be even happier if they would make it the default again. Then we'd have some comfort that it was not on the way out.