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Java Not Working After New Java Install (8 - 25)

  • I was prompted for the new install of Java and did that. Now the Java test page is blank where normally there is a rotating block and it tells you which version you have.

    Also other Java pages do not seem to be working.

    Testing with Internet Explorer show the page working perfectly.


  • same here.

    if you add this with flash and ccs problems thing are piling up and pushing me onto some other browser, which is a pity bcause it's years ive been using opera...

  • Is it possible to go back to the previous java?

  • I just updated to Java 8 on Opera 12.17.
    I don't know which Opera version the OP was talking about, but I can confirm that it doesn't work on 12.17!
    I'm still on Windows XP, and Java 8 still works fine in Internet Explorer 8 believe it of not, so why not in Opera 12?!

  • Looks like the latest Java 7 Update 71 doesn't work with Opera 12.17 either!
    I reinstalled version 7 Update 67, and it's fine again, updated to Update 71, and again it doesn't work.
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  • Tried again today, uninstalled Java and cleaned everything, installed Java 7 Update 71, again works everywhere except in Opera 12.17.
    The applet appears to be loading as the Java icon correctly appears in the taskbar, but the security prompt never appears, and the area where the Java status should be displayed just stays as a white box.
    The plugin is correctly in the plugins list with the correct path (Opera 12 only works with the "second generation plugin" anyway.)
    This time I spent ages adjusting the security and other settings on Java and on Opera, but to no avail, nothing seems to make any difference.
    Uninstalled Java again, and reinstalled Java 7 Update 67, and it's all working again!
    Very strange indeed. I guess there's no point in reporting this to Oracle, as they'll just say that Opera 12 isn't supported any more, as will Opera themselves now I would imagine!

  • On Opera v12.17 Java 8 update 20 works. Some sites require to add them to exception list, but as I've now checked it works. Java 8 update 25 for some reason doesn't work for me on v12.17. With this version I have the same experience as davehawley.