Can non-Debian Linux users use the beta versions?

  • Are beta versions of Opera for Linux ever presented in RPM format or (more flexibly) tar.bz2 format? Some long-reported issues have been resolved in the betas (or at least have workarounds possible in the betas), so it would be good to move beyond v. 12.16.


  • Not yet, but they did post instructions for how to install the files on non-Debian systems here.

  • In addition to those instructions I have knocked up some quick scripts that will automate installation on non-Debian distros, or unpack Opera to run in place. My scripts are linked from that github document.

  • I should also add that several distros have begun to offer a repackaged version of Opera beta (and/or developer) directly. For example Arch users can install Opera from the AUR. Reports back from users of other distros suggest that Opera will indeed run quite well on non-Debian/Ubuntu based distros.

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